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It is a physical change, because even though the tree was struck by a strong force of power(lightning), it is evident that no new substance was formed.

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Is chemical property and physical property used to classify a substance?

Chemical and physical properties can be used to classify substances.

Is lightning a match physical or chemical?

lightning is a match physical

Is lightning chemical or physical?


Is lightning a physical or chemical change?


Is lightning a chemical or physical change?

Lightning is a physical change not a chemical change. Other things that are physical changes are breaking a bottle and melting ice.

Is lightning a physical property or chemical property?

It is a chemical property.

Is lightning a chemical reaction?

No, it is a physical change

Is lightning physical change or chemical change?

It'a a physical change

Is lightning flashing across the sky a chemical or physical change?


Why can chemical and physical properties be used to classify matter?


Is lightning flash chemical or physical change?

It is a physical change. I can tell you the whole story about lightning but all you need to know is- it has nothing to do with chemicals or chemical reactions.

Is lightning flashed across the sky a physical or chemical change?

Physical Change.

What is an example of a physical rather thana chemical change?

Which of the following is an example of a physical rather then a chemical change? Which of the following is an example of a physical rather then a chemical change?

Is lightning a burner a physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change; burning (combustion) is a chemical process.

Why is that the changes of matter important?

To classify weather it is physical or chemical change

Chemists classify an element as a metal based on its physical and chemical?


How are physical and chemical changes Similar?

They are both used to classify substances.

Would a boling point be classify as a physical or chemical proptry?

Boiling point is classified as a physical property.

How do geologists classify weathering changes?

they are neither physical nor chemical changes

Is ADHD a chemical or physical problem?

ADHD is basically a difference in the way the brain works. I would not classify it as either chemical or physical, but possibly mental.

Classify the burning of natural gases in physical or chemical changes?

chemical b/c anything you burn is a chemical change :) rawr.....

Classify as chemical and physical change-freezing of water?

Physical. changes of state (solid, liquid, gas) are physical changes.

Is baking bread physical or chemical change?

Classify it as chemical, the heat is used mainly to speed up the reaction.

How do you classify the color of a rose?

if you want the answer in scientific terms it is classified a chemical change

What two groups of properties are used to identify describe and classify matter?

Chemical and Physical