Cleopatra did what?

It was not all Cleopatra's fault to bring down her Ptolemaic dynasty. Throughout the genealogy of Ptolemaic history, Alexander the Great who died left his successors to fight for the game of thrones leaving Alexander's family dead in position. Ptolemy one of Alexander's companion sneakingly took the kingdom in Egypt and part of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Ptolemy started to take the power and authority to increase the economy in Alexandrian and oppose against all the sucessors in other parts of the Alexandrian kingdom for stable throne. Ptolemy later descendants began to decay with incest relationship and siblings rivalry. Up to Ptolemy VIII, Ptolemy VIII began to tear the kingdom apart by having incest relationship with his sister and his niece and killing off some of his sister's descendants while losing their claimed territories. Then, with Ptolemy the XII, Ptolemy faced enemies in Alexandrian but was entreated well with the Egyptians since he wanted to form embassy with Rome who held the most powerful position. Nevertheless, the Alexandrians roared against Roman Domination. As Cleopatra was trained by her father in politics, she tried to ally with Rome and was initially unpopular in Alexandria. The Ptolemaic Dynasty decayed from the Ptolemaic geneology leading Cleopatra to struggle power against the economic downfall, famine that makes Egyptians and Alexandrians blame on the government and relationship with Rome.
Cleopatra in fact tried her best to actually fixed the economy and ally with the Romans later with Marc Antony who wished to fuse the culture of Rome with Egypt. Cleopatra had political power like any female rulers today to maintain harsh situation similar to male rulers.