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Closest city in Alaska to Russia?

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The town of Gambell on Saint Lawrence Island is about 35 miles from Russia's Chukchi Peninsula. Click on the 'Gambell, Alaska' link to learn more. The closest settlement in Russia to the US border is Uelen.

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Which city is closest to russia?

Diomede is the city in the United States that is closest to the Russian border. The city of Diomede is located in the state of Alaska.

Which US state is closest to russia?


What is the second closest country to Alaska?


Which U.S state is the closest to Russia?


The state that lies closest to russia?


The state closet to Russia?

Alaska is the U.S. state that is the closest to Russia. Russia is west of Alaska across the Bering Strait.

What country besides Canada is closest to Alaska?


Country of Russia is closest to which US state?


What state in the US lies closest to russia?


Which of the following countries is located closest to Alaska?


What state in US lies closest to Russia?

According to "I can see Russia from my house" Sarah Palin, the US State closest to Russia is Alaska.

What are the two countries near Alaska?

The two countries that are the closest to Alaska are Canada and Russia.

What state is closest to Asia?

No state is close to Asia. Turkey, Russia, and Indochina are close to Asia.

Which state is closer to Russia than to any other state?

Alaska is the closest state to Russia.

How far is Alaska from Russia at their closest points?

They share a common Maritime border. But the closest land distance would be 2.4 miles from Little Diomede Island in Alaska to Big Diomede Island in Russia.

What country is closest to the US but doesn't border it?

Bahama's are approximately 50 miles from Florida. Next closest, Russia is about 59 miles from Alaska.

Which city is located closest to 60 North Latitude in Russia?

what city is closest to north pole and what city is closest to south pole?

What country is Alaska's closest neighbor?

It shares a land border with Canada and a Maritime border with Russia.Canada and Russia are closet to Alaska. Yes, this answer is correct!,(I got this answer off of Try it for your self!!!):)SMILEYThe two countries that are the closest to Alaska are Canada and Russia.

What city is Russia is least populated?


What continent is closest to the US?

Asia (Russia) is about 100 miles from the US (Alaska)

Which you.s. state is closest russia?

Alaska is the US state that is separated from Russia across the Bering Straits.

Which US city is closest to the North Pole?


What city was the capital of Alaska when it was owned by Russia?


City closest to the north pole?

Barrow, Alaska, USA

What is the closest city to the international date line?

Ancourage, Alaska