Club Penguin is what?

Club Penguin is a fun site for anyone (kids-teens) who love playing games and having friends! You get to make a penguin, chat with people, play games, dress up, buy things, party, buy puffles, and more! If you want to be an official member, you must pay each month the fee they give you. I think it's about $30.00. If you are a member, you get to buy clothes, play games first, get invited to special Club Penguin parties, decorate your home/igloo, and buy cool puffles/pets. If you aren't a member, you can't buy clothes, decorate your igloo, buy special puffles, and get invited to Club Penguin parties. You are still a member of Club Penguin, but you don't get special things. When something comes up like a Puffle Party, Music Jam Party, and more... you can scavenge around for clothes and cool items. I have a Club Penguin and I'm not an official member, but I still have a ton of clothes and I still have fun! I hope this works!