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its not on Club Penguin because its on a video game

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Q: Club penguin herbert's revenge where is the code located?
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Which is a DS game Herberts revenge or club penguin elite force?

herberts revenge

Can you shop on club penguin Herberts revenge?

No you can not shop on club penguin herberts revenge. I have the game and the game gives you stuff you cant choose or buy anything.

What is Herberts revenge in Club Penguin?

It is a club penguin EPF DS game that you get in Walmart stores.

When is the laptop coming out on Club Penguin 2011?

its not u have to unlock it from club penguin herberts revenge

How do you get in the secret do on club penguin on mission11?

Get Herberts revenge for the ds.

When will club penguin elite penguin force herberts revenge be out?

It will be out May 25.

What are the codes for epf Herberts revenge on club penguin?

Codes for Elite Penguin Force (EPF) Herbert's revenge on club penguin:E53JF356F25EY0868763JHR8GV082434Y23497G309847CHFJ9080238G098Y234458H0983H098634K90981

Does club penguin elite penguin force herberts revenge work on dsi xl?


What games are realated to Club Penguin?

Club Penguin Game Day on Wii Club Penguin EPF on D.S. Club Penguin EPF Herberts Revenge on D.S.

Unused Club Penguin EPF Herberts Revenge Code?

The answer is NW24TH745HJOSTW2 (incorrect!)

When will club penguin herberts revenge come out?

it will come out on monday march 8th

How do you make the spy camera on club penguin?

if its on herberts revenge G gives it to you