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Clubpenguin treasure book codes?


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i have no idea sorry :(


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you get codes from clubpenguin toys

The ? mark in the treasure book is only for people who have entered 5 codes or more on clubpenguin, (not including books).

You have to have 5 codes from the Series 6 Clubpenguin plush toys

click on toysclick on, " View the Treasure Book"

you can get a treasure book at barns and nobles or target they have the greatest deals ever!

You can find it in the treasure book.

I think you are talking about the blue book? The treasure's book is hard to get

i know but im not going to tell you

to get the cotton candy you have to get a clubpenguin toy and you unlock to a type of clubpenguin treasure book and if you want the cotton candy you can get it

to get a clubpenguin treasure book code just go to any clubpenguin retailer or shop like GAME STOP or DISNEY or NINTENDO if you go into any of these shops and try to find a treasure book code here the answer frist you ask the shop assistant ir someone working there to ask them to find a clubpenguin plush toy for you then buy it and go back home and then you will find a coin behind that coin you will find a code type it in UNLOCK ITEMS ONLINE and you get a treasure boookc code you can unlock from a variety of clothing items in the club penguin treasure book.

A code for clubpenguin is like when you buy a clubpenguin toy it has a code on it and you put the code and it sends you to the treasure book to get free rare stuff

well i dont know but heres a code thats very rare QWDGFVGDGHJNJM

Right now, you can only get it from the treasure book.

go to the book room on the 2'nd floor of the coffee shop

either you become a member and buy the stuff, OR you can buy clubpenguin toys and enter the coin codes to unlock the treasure book. then you can choose what you want to get and you can wear it even if your not a member. Hope this helped! Invaderbot on CP

well its in the treasure book before you could get it in the music jam now you cant PS you can get in the treasure book by buying a clubpenguin toy pss not a book!

Get a unlock code then choose one from the treasure book

There are no codes. You have to earn them crapfaces. EARN THEM!

You have to get the new Treasure Book ( 11th series) and then it will be there.

page 25 is yarr plz tell me if you like this answer

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