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Canada u.s.a. China

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Q: Coca cola operates in many countries name at least 3?
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Where does Coca-Cola export to?

Coca cola is sold in many different countries around the world and imported from different countries to different countries.

How much Coca-Cola is sold globally?

a lot this wasn't the question i asked, i asked where is Coca-Cola sold, not how much is Coca-Cola sold globally, so if you no the answer to this please answer it for i need it for an assignmnett

Does every country in the world have Coca-Cola?

No, not every country in the world has Coca-Cola. Though you can find Coca-Cola in most countries, it is banned in North Korea.

What countries does coca-cola operate in?

All countries have Coca Cola. Think about it. If a country doesn't even have Coca Cola can it really be a real country. You can even find Coco Cola in Timbuktu. You can even find Coca Cola in Katmandu. If you went to Pago Pago to dive for perils you would likely find a Coca Cola bottle down under water with a peril in it.

In what countries is coca cola sold?

the u.s.a.

Coca-Cola most interested countries?


Does coca cola have stores in other countries?


How many countries does Coca Cola not operate in?


Which is the main product of Coca-Cola?

It would be Coca Cola.

What is definition of multinational firms?

Generally speaking, a multinational business operates in a number of different nation in the world. Its products and services are geared to the countries they operate in. For example, Coca Cola is a multinational business and gears its advertising to the culture of the nations it operates in.

Which is more recognized Nike or coca-cola?

coa cola is more reconized because coca cola is worldwide and nike only sells in 3 countries which is india america and the UK

How many flavor of cola are there?

=== === * Coca-Cola * Coca-Cola C2 * Coca-Cola Citra * Coca-Cola with Lemon * Coca-Cola with Lime * Coca-Cola with Raspberry * Coca-Cola Zero * Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla * Coca-Cola Blak * Coke II * Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla * Diet Coke Citra/Coca-Cola light Citra * Diet Coke Plus * Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda * Diet Coke with Lemon/Coca-Cola light with Lemon * Diet Coke with Lime/Coca-Cola light with Lime * Diet Coke with Raspberry * Diet Vanilla Coke Coca-Cola also manufactures over 400 brands (e.g. Lilt, Power Ade, Fanta, Pib, Sprite etc.) in over 200 countries. See the Related Links Section below for more information!