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Coin value guide to a 1971 s Eisenhower silver dollar uncirculated?

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Your coin is copper-nickel, not silver. The S mint mark indicates that it's a proof coin.

It depends on what condition you are talking about. The "2008 Official Red Book" lists it at $8.50 for MS-63 state, where the PF-65 state lists it as $9.00. (MS-63 is simply stating that the coin has some contact marks or blemishes and the luster may be impared, while PF-65 brilliant surfaces, no blemishes or flaws). Remember that the prices in this book are retail prices that are collected two months prior to printing, but are only a guide, not a price list.

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Coin value guide to a 1973 s Eisenhower silver dollar uncirculated?

This is a on-line value guide or buy a copy of Red Book

Coin value guide to a 1776 - 1976 s Eisenhower silver dollar uncirculated?

This is a on-line value guide or buy a copy of Red Book

Coin value guide to a 1971 d Eisenhower silver dollar?

It's not silver, it's copper-nickel. In circulated condition it's only worth face value. A nice uncirculated one will retail for $1.50 to $1.75

How much is a silver certificate one dollar bill 1957 P at the beginning fo the serial number worth?

According to 2008 Official Blackbook Price Guide To U.S. Paper Money; avg cond-1.50 good cond.-2.00 very fine- 2.25 uncirculated- 6.50 and *uncirculated-20.00

How much is a 3 piece Morgan silver dollar collection in a case uncirculated be worth?

It depends on the year, the mint marks, and the degree of uncirculation. You could go to and click on "price guide" to get a general idea, and also do some research on the condition. Good luck.

What is the value of a 1972 Eisenhower dollar?

If it's from circulation and made of copper-nickel, it's worth face value. If it's uncirculated, maybe $3 or $4.If it's a special 40%-silver collector's coin in its original package, it would retail for about $4.50 using the price of silver as of 09/2008.AnswerUnless it is a proof coin or high-grade uncirculated certified by one of the major grading services, it is worth a dollar but I have seen some well-worn ones priced as high as $3 at flea markets. The value of a 1972 "Ike" dollar is worth around one-ten dollars, depending on its condition. The silver ones that the mint made for collectors is worth around $4.44 as of June 15th, 2009, just for the silver in it. The silver Ike dollars are worth about 4.50 plus a collectors premium, which makes it worth around $8.00."FG""FG" is the designer's initials and appears on the front and back of all the Ike dollars except the bicentennial reverse design. NOTE:The 1972 Eisenhower dollar has been identified to have three different variations (types) noted - Type 1, 2 and 3. Types 1 and 3 currently (February 2013) are valued at around $5 in MS63 condition. Type 2 in MS63 condition is valued at around $67. Search the Internet for "Eisenhower 1972 half dollar type" to learn how to identify the differences.This is a Eisenhower dollar. None of them regardless of date or mintmark, struck for general circulation have any silver and most are not more than face value. For coins dated 1971 & 1972 uncirculated examples may have a little more value due to the fact dollar coins were not included in Uncirculated Mint sets sold in 1971 & 1972. In general, only proof and uncirculated collectors coins sold from the Mint have premiums.NOTE 2:While it is true that the Eisenhower dollars contain no silver, and cannot be redeemed AT A BANK for over face value, collectors are willing to pay over the face value for coins considered to be "collectible". Perhaps that was not clear in the earlier note. Please refer to "A Guide Book of United States Coins 2014", 67th edition by R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett, page 232 for additional information. (The book is also known as "The Official Red Book".)

How do you figure out value of a silver half dollar?

There is 0.36169 troy ounce of silver in a silver half dollar. Multiply that by the current silver spot price (see and you get the silver melt value. Dealers will generally pay you just a little under that amount. If you mean collector value, you need to accurately determine its grade (google sheldon scale), then look it up on a current price guide. offers an online retail price guide for U.S. coins Dan

What is the value of a 1990 Eagle Silver Dollar?

The approximate value of your coin according to Numismatic News Coin Market Monthly Price Guide for March 2007: 1990 Silver Eagle = $18.00

How do you determine value of a Morgan silver dollar minted in New Orleans in 1901?

You can either look up the value in a price guide, such as an online listing or a publication like the Red Book, or you can bring it to a coin dealer for an appraisal. The 1901-O Morgan is a common date so its value is on the low end. It's worth at least $22 for its silver content, and up to about $30 in uncirculated condition.

What is the value of an 1885-CC PCGS MS64 Morgan Silver Dollar?

According to the PCGS Price Guide, which is available free online, Its value is $900.00.

What is the value of an 1874 us silver dollar?

The U.S. did not strike any silver dollars with that date. The only dollar-type coins issued that year were Trade Dollars. See for a price guide. If your coin does not have the words "Trade Dollar" on the reverse I'm afraid that it is a fantasy piece or possibly an outright counterfeit.

Who is the woman on the 2008 silver dollar?

If you mean the $1 bullion pieces sold for their metal content, they have a picture of Miss Liberty. If you mean the golden-colored 1 dollar coins, the image is an interpretation of the Native American guide Sacajawea

How much is walking liberty silver dollar from 1906?

Check that coin again, because what you're describing doesn't actually exist. There were no silver dollars minted that year, and the Walking Liberty design (on the half dollar) wasn't introduced for another decade.

How much would an 1891 E PLURIBUS UNUM one dollar silver coin be worth?

The value of your 1891 Morgan Dollar will depend on its condition and if it has a mintmark (on the reverse, above the "DO" in DOLLAR"). Current values : No mintmark : well-worn -- $8 lightly worn -- $10 uncirculated -- $35 "CC" mintmark : well-worn -- $65 lightly worn -- $120 uncirculated -- $250 "O" mintmark : well-worn -- $8 lightly worn -- $11 uncirculated -- $90 "S" mintmark : well-worn -- $8 lightly worn -- $12 uncirculated -- $35 An online retail price guide for other Morgan Dollars can be found here : I , Dan Moore The Working Man's Rare Coins Price guide Also please note that ALL U.S. coins bear the motto "E Pluribus Unum" ("From many, one") so this is not a distinguishing characteristic of a coin. The denomination, date, mint mark, and condition are the most helpful characteristics to start with.

How to find the value of a Kennedy Fifty Cent Piece?

You have to know its date, condition, and mint mark. For most circulated ones the following rough guide applies: 1964 : about $7 for its silver content (90% pure) 1965-69 : about $2.75 for its silver content (40% pure) 1971-present : no silver, only worth 50 cents unless uncirculated.

Carson City silver dollar?

Either ask another question with the date or see the link below for an online price guide. The Carson City mint used the CC mintmark.

How many Pokemon are there in silver?

Their are 434 pokemon in soul silver according to the strategy guide.

How much is a 2000 silver dollar worth?

If you have a large coin that says "999 fine silver" on the back, it's a bullion coin worth about $18. If you have a small coin with a picture of the native guide Sacagawea on the front, it's not made of silver - it's manganese brass and is worth face value only.

Whose face is on the US silver dollar?

All true silver dollars (i.e. the ones made of 90% silver and 10% copper) carry various images of Miss Liberty on the front and an eagle on the back. The last true silver dollars were minted in 1935. New $1 coins are sometimes called "silver" dollars but they're actually copper-nickel or brass: 1971-78: President and General Dwight Eisenhower 1979-81 and 1999: Womens' rights advocate Susan B. Anthony 2000-present: Native American guide Sacajawea 2007-present: Portraits of each president, 4 per year, in the order that they served in office.

How do i find a Guide through mt morter on silver?


What is the Value of 1921 standing liberty silver dollar?

There's no such coin. All 1921 $1 coins carry an image of Miss Liberty's head. If your coin says HALF DOLLAR on the back (you DID look at the back, didn't you?) there's more information and a price guide linked below.

Value of a Johnson Matthey silver dollar coin 1986?

A Guide Book of United States Coins 2007 states "No [dollar] coins were made for circulation from 1981 to 1998." That doesn't mean proofs and sets weren't made then. So that is all I know. And I could also be wrong. :)

What is the value of a US silver cerificate dollar bill?

More information is needed. What's the bill's date and condition? Is there a series letter after the date? Check the price guide at the link below as one source of information.

How much is a 1921 Shrine of the Redwoods silver dollar in very good quality worth with Lady Liberty on one side and a horseback Indian on the other?

Not sure just what you have, but it sounds like a souvenier piece that would have been sold at the shrine and not a silver dollar. It is possible that the reverse of a real silver dollar was filed off and the Indian portrait was added by some private company. It would not be something that would be listed in any numismatic value guide, so the only way to find out what it is worth is to advertise it for sale and see what offers it brings.

How much is a hundred dollar bill series 1969 with star behind serial number?

It depends on the condition of the bill, however, currently in the Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Paper Money 2012, a 1969 $100 Star Note is around $450.00 Uncirculated.