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My 1999 Mazda 626 is hard to start any time but then we kick start it then it start fine and dies at any robot will I'm driving My 1999 Mazda 626 is hard to start any time but then we kick start it then it start fine and dies at any robot will I'm driving


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It means it is very hard to start and keep running in cold weather.

Start by checking the temperature sensor for the computer

The engine won't start or will be hard to start in cold weather unless you have the motor heater plugged in.

Coz its special :) joking ;) its probebly because of your exhaut pipe :)

maybe weak battery or an injector component is defective ( the additional injector that gives extra fuel to start the car )

in warm weather nothing in cold weather it could be hard to start

There are a few reasons why a 2004 Avalanche may have a hard time starting in cold weather. Reasons include the battery being cold which takes longer to start the car and the oil is colder which causes slow starts.

Check your battery first.. If it is fine, you might need to replace your cold start injector timing switch. Fairly expensive, but should work.

Hello Have you check the Coil ? A lot of them go bad . and give you a hard start when Cold . stop using low grade gas can be causing water in fuel lines to injectors.89 or higher and use heet additive to gas to prevent freezing.this should help with hard start in cold weather.

Diesel? Glowplugs Petrol? Auto choke stuck open or MAS

it is snowing and cold and its hard to see

it is hard to know but science is the answer

Most diesel engines are hard to start when it is cold. Plugging the diesel engine block heater in will help the engine start.

i have a older 220 bayou and it's a pain to start in cold weather and to make it worse it's a pull start what you do is take the seat off and you'll see the air filter soak it in starting fluid and remove air filter off carb and spray in there a few hard pulls should fire it right up

heart rate actually does not decrease in cold weather. this is because cold weather causes the blood vessels to constrict. because of constricted vessels, the heart needs to work hard to pump blood throughout the body - thus proving that heart rate does not decrease in cold weather.

Because hard climbing in the ice cold weather

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are you serious? its obviously easier to catch a football in hot weather, cold weather makes it harder because your hands are cold and the ball is hard and hurts bad when its thrown fast to you

It is not so much hard for a car to start when the engine is cold as it is easier for a car to start when the engine is warm.Cars that are hard to start in the cold are usually not new cars any more and because of wear and tear there is more likely to be something that doesnt work as well. when fuel is warm it ignites more easily.

Yes it does. Cold weather can cause the ground to freeze over and become hard which makes it hard on the horses with laminitis to move comfortably. The cold weather will also cause the horses circulatory system to slow down and decrease blood flow to the hooves which can lead to more laminitis problems and increased pain in the hoof.

Hard starting on a diesel is from a lack of fuel or a lack of heat/compression. Air in the fuel lines, plugged fuel filters, and broken electric fuel pumps are the more common hard start issues. Cummins engines use a grid type air preheater. If the hard starting is ONLY in cold weather this is a good place to start.

if it's clicking but not turning over, check the starter motor. mine wouldn't start if it got to cold, but the motor kept testing fine. i got one from a junk yard for like $20, swaped it out and haven't had a problem since.

ya it could be your jetting or maybe your carb needs to be cleaned i would make sure your gettin gas and go from there

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