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Q: Colleges and universities accounting
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Can you graduate with a bachelors in accounting?

Yes you can. There are many colleges and universities that offer accounting as a major.

Can you get a bachelor's degree in accounting?

Yes you can. There are many colleges and universities that offer this program of study off the business degree.

What is the best school in Rhode Island that offers accounting education?

Accounting degrees are available at most major colleges and Universities in Rhode Island. The best school for accounting is the University of Rhode Island in Providence.

What has the author Walter William Kemmerer written?

Walter William Kemmerer has written: 'School accounting by machine methods' -- subject(s): Accounting, Calculators, Schools, Universities and colleges

What are viable options for obtaining an online degree in accounting?

Online degrees may be obtained from many colleges. Community colleges and universities offer online degree programs. The University of Phoenix is an excellent online school that offers a degree in accounting.

How can I get a forensic accounting degree?

Forensic accounting is one of the hottest job these days. Some of the universities and colleges offer Bachelor or masters diploma in forensic accounting and for the list of them visit

Where would I found the best accounting education?

Accounting is a major that is offered by most universities. Of course, Ivy League schools are more prestigious but more expensive. Most beginning accounting classes can be taken at local community colleges.

What accountant schools are located in Florida?

You can find an extensive list of colleges that offer accounting degrees by visiting and clocking on "Florida". There are a quite a few schools in Florida that offer degrees in accounting, as well as many schools that offer options for online education.

Are there online classes in accounting so I could get my degree?

There are a wide variety of business and accounting classes available from online universities such as Kaplan and University of Phoenix as well as online programs through local colleges.

What places has an accounting school there for students to go?

Most colleges and Universities have schools for accounting. You could also attend classes online at a university like Phoenix or Kaplan. If I knew your location it would be easier.

Why are the jurisdictions of the accounting standardssetting bodies Gasb fasab and fasb?

The GASB is responsible for establishing and improving accounting and financial reporting standards for all state and local governmental entities (including government-sponsored colleges and universities, health care providers, and utilities). The FASAB establishes accounting standards for the federal government. The FASB establishes standards for all other entities, including not-for-profit colleges and universities and health care providers.

What has the author E Eugene Oliver written?

E. Eugene Oliver has written: 'Cost accounting' -- subject(s): Cost accounting 'Saudi Arabia' -- subject(s): Curricula, Education, Handbooks, manuals, Universities and colleges