Collision in a sentence

Updated: 9/17/2023
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After a collision with another player, Greg had a concussion.

She quickly swerved to the left to avoid a collision.

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Q: Collision in a sentence
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Can you have a sentence with the word collision in it?

Did you hear about the collision yesterday in the park?

Can you give me a sentence that has the word collision?

2 cars had big collision ;-)

What is a sentence using the word collision?

I got into a collision in the hallway with another kid.

A sentence with the word collision?

There was a big collision at the gas station, it made the cars fall apart!

How can use world collision in sentence?

She pulled out her phone to text while she was driving and before she knew it, she was in a collision.

What is the sentence of horrible?

The collision produced a horrible crashing sound.

How do you use the word collision in a sentence?

Two rabid baboons attacking each other with raw salmon often ends in a collision between a baboon and a salmon.

Probable cause in a sentence?

I'm having difficulty identifying the probable cause of the traffic collision.

How do you use the word reparations in a sentence?

An example of the word "reparations" in a sentence: "After, the collision, the man had to make reparations for the damages he inflicted on the other party's car."

Can you put rudder in a sentence?

He put the rudder hard over to try to avoid the collision. The seaweed fouled the rudder, making movement impossible.

What is a sentence for the word tactfully?

I'm having difficulty answering that question tactfully. The captain of the ship tactfully tacked in time to avoid a collision.

What is a sentence using the word bulwark?

During the collision the water tight doors and bulwark did their jobs and although there was some light flooding the ship did not sink.