Colour of iodine solid

Updated: 5/24/2024
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The color of solid iodine is a dark purple.

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Iodine solid is typically a dark purple or bluish-black color.

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Q: Colour of iodine solid
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What is colour and physical state of iodine?

Iodine is a dark purple or black solid at room temperature.

How does a solid iodine change when it is heated?

Solid iodine sublimes directly into a purple-red gas when heated, without passing through a liquid phase. The purple-red gas will turn back into solid iodine upon cooling.

What state is iodine?

Iodine is a naturally occurring element on the periodic table with the chemical symbol I and atomic number 53. At room temperature, iodine is a solid that appears as a shiny, purple-black, metallic-looking crystal.

At STP which element is a solid hydrogen or iodine?

At standard temperature and pressure (STP), iodine is a solid while hydrogen is a gas.

Is Iodine a soild or gas?

Elemental iodine is a solid. But it is a volatile solid in that chemists will use solid iodine in a chamber to "iodine stain" substances in thin layer chromatography. Thus iodine is like having a volatile solid.

What state is iodine at room temperature?

Iodine is a solid at room temperature. It sublimes into a purple gas when heated.

The chemical equation of iodine solid to gas?

The chemical equation for the sublimation of iodine solid to iodine gas is: I2(s) -> I2(g). This represents the process in which solid iodine directly transforms into iodine gas without going through a liquid phase.

In what form does iodine exists?

Pure iodine at room temperature is a highly volatile solid.

What is iodine's physical state at 20 degrees C?

Iodine is a solid at 20 degrees Celsius.

Iodine liquid or solid?

Iodine is a solid at room temperature and pressure. It sublimes directly from a solid to a purple vapor without melting.

What happens to iodine when you place its covered container in a warm place?

Iodine is a volatile solid, meaning it can undergo sublimation turning from a solid directly into a gas. Placing the covered container in a warm place may increase the temperature causing the iodine to sublimate more rapidly, resulting in more iodine molecules transitioning from solid to gas phase.

What state is iodine at -10 degrees?

Iodine is a solid.