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What combines with hydrogen and oxygen to form carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. They can be considered hydrates of carbon. Common carbohydrates include monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides.

Does hydrogen form petrol when burned?

Hydrogen combines with oxygen when burned, forming H2O (water).

When hydrogen is burned?

When Hydrogen is burned in air it combines with Oxygen to form water. 2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O

Does carbohydrates contain water?

No. Carbohydrates do contain hydrogen and oxygen, but not in the form of individual water molecules.

What colorless gas burns in oxygen gas?

Hydrogen is a colorless gas that combines with oxygen when burned to form water.

Do carbohydrates have water?

No, carbohydrates do not contain water. They do have oxygen and hydrogen but not in the form of water molecules. The name carbohydrates means watered carbon.

What elements form carbohyrates?

Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

An oxygen atom combines with 1.5 hydrogen atoms to form a water molecule?

No. Water is made of one oxygen atom, and two hydrogen atoms. (H2O)

What does Hydrogen combine with to make water?

Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water. The reaction is two molecules of hydrogen gas (H2) and one molecule of oxygen gas (O2) to form two molecules of water (H2O).

What combines to form water?

Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine to form one water molecule.

What gas is produced when methane is burned in air?

Methane is made up of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. When methane burns, the carbon in the methane combines with oxygen (O) to form carbon dioxide (CO2). The hydrogen in the methane combines with oxygen to form H2O, or water.

What two gases found in air join to form water molecues?

Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.

What is the relationship between hydrogen and oxygen in a carbohydrate?

Both oxygen and hydrogen are necessary to form carbohydrates. The hydrogen to oxygen ratio is 2 to 1, just like with water. The explains the basis for the name carbohydrate which is watered carbon.

Where do plants get the hydrogen needed for photosynthesis?

To get the hydrogen to form carbohydrates, plants break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. This also provides electrons that drive the light-dependent reactions. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere.

What are elements in carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are made of carbon, and contains hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Carbon is the base atom and oxygen, and hydrogen is bonded to the carbon. The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2:1.Carbohydrates consist of the elements carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) with a ratio of hydrogen twice that of carbon and oxygen. Carbohydrates include sugars, starches, cellulose and many other compounds found in living organisms. In their basic form, carbohydrates are simple sugars or monosaccharides. These simple sugars can combine with each other to form more complex carbohydrates. The combination of two simple sugars is a disaccharide. Carbohydrates consisting of two to ten simple sugars are called oligosaccharides, and those with a larger number are called polysaccharides.Read more: What_elements_do_carbohydrates_contain

What does hydrogen and oxygen produce?

Do you mean when combined? Because when Hydrogen gas (H2) is burned it combines with Oxygen (O2) to form Water (H2O). The extra oxygen is used to make another molecule of water. So two molecules of oxygen are needed and four molecules of Hydrogen.

What are examples of hydrogen?

It is a colorless , odorless, flammable gas that combines chemically with oxygen to form water: the lightest of the known elements....

What is an example of elements that combines to form a molecule?

One of the most common examples is water which is composed of the element hydrogen and oxygen.

What is the chemical that most cell parts are made of?

if u are asking about the living cells most cell parts are made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen with few other elements. the carbon and hydrogen mainly combine to form carbohydrates and fats while carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen join to form proteins. Carbohydrates , fats & proteins form most parts of the cells....

What happens when hydrogen burns in air?

When hydrogen burns in air, it combines with atmospheric oxygen to form water. Since hydrogen and oxygen are undergoing a chemical change to become chemically bonded together producing H2O the change is chemical in nature.

What type of reaction takes place when hydrogen and oxygen combines to form water?

A chemical reaction because a new substance if produced. :)

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