Newfoundland and Labrador

Come from away the term in Newfoundland?

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The term "Come from Away" refers to people who are 'outsiders'. That come from out side of the province.

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It sank 550 miles away from Newfoundland

He never went to Newfoundland. His son, Leif Ericson did.

The first settlers of Newfoundland came from Ireland and Scotland.

Newfoundland ponies come from Newfoundland Canada. They were created from a mix of British breeds including the Exmoor pony, Galloway pony, Welsh pony, and New Forest pony.

well , i live in st.johns Newfoundland and believe it or not newfoundlanders pronounce Newfoundland like "Newfinlan."......people from away it like new found land or like newfinlind

They originate from Newfoundland, Canada.

Despite its name, Labradors come from Newfoundland of Canada, but since there is already another breed called Newfoundland, it is named after a location which is very close to its place of origin - Labrador!

The closest was NewFoundLand and that was 380 miles away. So, New York was about 800 miles away.

Go away in May and come back October's last trading day.

Black labs do not come from Europe. They originate from Canada on the island of Newfoundland.

Distal means away from the origin. There is no term meaning away from an organ.

Because they stripped away parts of the land as they mined, thus it was strip mining.

Titanic was (and still is) about 400 miles from Newfoundland, Canada.

Labrador Retrievers are originally from Newfoundland (Canada).

The Titanic was 963 miles away from the northeast of New York and 453 miles of southeast of Newfoundland.

ANSWER:Unfortunitly Newfoundland is too far north and it's not profitable enough to ship the ring and the wrestlers there, if they stay in the states they can run 2 shows a day. they don't come here because the last time they came here in 2004 the crowd response were crappy..i mean i bought floor seat tickets the day of the event...PLEaSE COME TO NEWFOUNDLAND SOON WWEits just not on there trail o and they do come to Canada

NFLD, Newfoundland is not just Newfoundland any more.It's Newfoundland and Labrador,thats NL

400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and 1,400 miles away from New York

Newfoundland does not have provinces... Newfoundland and Labrador is a province itself.

Newfoundland wasn't part of Canada until 1949. It was still a colony when the war broke out so it declared war seperately from Canada.

The term greasers come from their greasy hair

Newfoundland is part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Isle of Newfoundland is part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland and was named after the Labrador Sea.

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