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le franc suisse

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Q: Comment s'appelle la monnaie suisse
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Comment s'appellent les personnes de la Suisse?

un suisse (masc.), une suissesse (fem.)

Comment appelle-t-on les habitants de la Suisse?

Les suisses et les suissesses.

Is Switzerland part of La Suisse?

La Suisse is the French name of Switzerland. So Switzerland and la Suisse are the very same country.

What does la suisse mean in English?

"la Suisse" is called Switzerland in English.

What does phrase tu as la monnaie mean?

Tu as de la monnaie? means - Have you got any change? (coins)

When was Citรฉ de l'รฉconomie et de la monnaie created?

Cité de l'économie et de la monnaie was created in 2014.

Switzerland in French?

La Suisse

What is the capital of La suisse?


Capital of la suisse?


What is La Suisse in French?


What does Beaux paysages de la Suisse mean?

"Beaux paysages de la Suisse" means : "beautiful landscapes of Switzerland" "Beaux paysages de la Suisse" means : "beautiful landscapes of Switzerland"

What has the author Albert Aftalion written?

Albert Aftalion has written: 'L' or et la monnaie' -- subject(s): Monnaie, Or

What do French people call currency?

"Currency" is "la monnaie" in French. L'Euro est la monnaie utilisée en France > the Euro is the currency used in France.

When was Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande created?

Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande was created in 1906.

What is the french word for Switzerland?

la Suisse

How do you say switzeland in french?

"la Suisse"

Quelle est la capital de la suisse?


How do you say to Switzerland in french?

Switzerland in french is "La Suisse", so "to switzerland" would be "en Suisse".

What is the french name for change?

change (evolution) = changementchange (money, coins) = de la monnaie, des pièces de monnaie

Quelle est la monnaie utiliser en lettonie?


What is Switzerland in French?

Switzerland is 'la Suisse' in French.

Quelle est la capitale de la suisse?

c'est Berne

What country is Suisse in?

La Suisse is the French name for Switzerland, a small, mountainous and landlocked country in western Europe.

How do you spell Switzerland in French?

La SuisseSwitzerland - la Suisse - la Confédération Helvétique - la Helvétie

What are the release dates for En route vers la Suisse - 1908?

En route vers la Suisse - 1908 was released on: USA: 18 January 1908

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