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Communication addiction disorder is the uncontrollable need a person feels to talk to other people whether in person or using technology to do so. The addiction may become so strong that it can completely disrupt one's life.

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What is a good connection between addiction and eating disorder?

An eating disorder is an addiction, sort of

What kind of mental disorder is alcoholism?

An addiction disorder

Which of these is not a valid description of drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a behavioral disorder and can be cured with therapy.

Can an addiction and a mental disorder coexsist?


What causes an addiction?

An addiction can be caused from drugs, alcohol, or any other vice a person may have. Many think addiction is a mental disorder.

What would be included in an inaccurate description of drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a behavioral disorder and can be cured with therapy

What do you call hair removing addiction?

It is called trichotillomania, often abbreviated as TTM. It is not an addiction, it is a behavioral disorder. Treatment is very different from treatment for addiction.

What was Truman Capote's communication disorder?

speech disorder...he had a lisp

What actors and actresses appeared in Facebook Addiction Disorder - 2012?

The cast of Facebook Addiction Disorder - 2012 includes: Brian McGleenon as Dr. Buchanan Naseen Morgan as Alice

What would be concomitant disorders of antisocial personality disorder?

I think a concommitant disorder with an antisocial disorder would be generalized anxiety, paranoia, addiction and dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Genetic disorder called word blindness?

It has not been determined that "word blindness" is a genetic disorder. This colloquial term sometimes refers to dyslexia, a developmental communication disorder or alexia, an acquired communication disorder.

Is deafness a communication disorder?


Can you tell me what a opiate addiction is?

Opiate addiction is a physical illness involving a central nervous system disorder caused by long-term opiate intake. Opiate addiction was once viewed as a condition with no solution. Patients with opiate physical addiction were considered to have inherited an addictive personality or psychological disorder or to have suffered with a dysfunctional family life.

An addiction to gambling is one example of?

impulse control disorder make sure you like my comments

What is addictive personality?

Everyone has addictive behaiviors. Some folks however seem to be more addicted than others. An addictive personality (disorder), cannot be cured with any medicine (known to man). However, with counseling some people with this disorder can regain some control of their life. An person with this disorder will frequently have OCD, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction, Food Addiction, and more. They do not just have one addiction, but will have multiple addictions.

Was edie sedgwick a sociopath?

No. But she did have an addiction to drugs. And I believe struggled with an eating disorder.

Is there a connection between Reactive attachment disorder and Self Injury Addiction?

Yes there is

What are the characteristics of communication disorder?

you ...can't answer my question...

Which term describes an eating disorder that is charecterized by binge eating?

There is an actual eating disorder known as binge eating disorder (BED), and compulsive over-eating disorder, which is tied in with a food addiction problem.

Is OCD an addiction?

OCD isn't really a addiction, its a disorder that may have something to do with being addicted to a certain thing, such as cleaning or washing hands, etc.

Have you ever suffered from or sought treatment for depression alcoholism drug addiction or an eating disorder?


Does everyone who is addicted to sex, have a second disorder that could explain their addiction?

Nymphomania (the addiction of sex) is not yet considered a viable medical condition. it is often protested that nymphomaniacs are actually suffering from another condition such as OCD, or Bi-polar disorder.

What is an organically based communication disorder?

ALS is an example of an organically based communication disorder. The nerve connections in all parts of the brain degrade, eventually taking away speech.

Is drug addiction considered a mental illness?

Yes, because drug addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways. Drug Addiction is defined by the DSM4 manual (any condition, if it does exist, is in this manual) as a "brain disorder". Therefore, drug addiction is an illness and it is very real and treatable.

Can spending too much time on Facebook indicate having an Internet addiction disorder?

You can have an addiction to the internet if it interferes with your daily routine and life. If it takes away time for what you used to love to do or quality activities than it would be considered an addiction.

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