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Compare educational supervision and inspection?

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Inspection is looking closely at something or someone, usually to detect faults or problems, with a view to giving it/ them an assessment of some kind. For example, suspect goods going through customs are inspected by the customs officers - the officers look all over/ through the goods to see if anything is wrong with them. If nothing is wrong they are passed as "in order" or a similar term , indicating that the inspection has been carried out and everything is OK. Basically this is what all inspectors do, whether they are looking at food safety, school standards or whatever.

Supervision, on the other hand, really means "looking from above." If you supervise someone/ something, you keep a general eye on their activities and usually help to direct them. As an employee, if you work under supervision, it means that your line manager tells you what to do, and is usually around to check that you are working well; but if your work is inspected, it means that s/he takes what you've done and examines it very closely, looking for faults.

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What is the difference between supervision and inspection in education?

what is the difference between supervision and inspection

What is instructional supervision?

See also developmental supervision. Educational Leadership

What is the meaning of educational supervision?

educational supervision is the process of supporting teachers to improve their teaching in order to help their students improve their learning.

What is the meaning of school supervision?

it is nothing but the supervision or overseeing the activities in a particular school. it may be the supervision of students or the faculty or the educational process

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What Are The Differences Between Inspection And Supervision?

One difference is that "inspection" implies carefully looking at some thing or situation with a particular purpose. On the other hand, "supervision" implies overseeing a process to ensure completion or effectiveness.

What is the definition of educational supervision?

supervision means to provide facilities for students and to train teachers ,in order to make children a better learner.

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A variables inspection allows you to see trends and take corrective measures to avoid problems. An attributes inspection is considered ineffective due to the discreet nature of the data and a greater amount of wear on a product to perform the inspection.

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What are the principles of supervision?

The principles of supervision will define the underlying concepts of supervision. There should be clear indication where supervision is needed and who asked for it among other things.

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