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Surface water refers to lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. It is usually filled with fish and other animals. Groundwater is the water that lies under the ground.

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Does the well get water from the groundwater or surface water?

The groundwater gets the water

The process by which surface water becomes groundwater is called?

The process called termed focused recharge is when surface water becomes groundwater. Groundwater and surface water are both a part of the hydrological cycle.

What is the antonym for groundwater?

Surface water.

What does groundwater mean in the water cycle?

groundwater is the supply of fresh water under the earth's surface.

Where do you find water?

There are 2 main sources of water: groundwater and surface water. Groundwater lies under the surface of the land, where it travels through and fills openings in the rocks. Groundwater is pumped from these rocks to the earth's surface for use. Surface water is found in natural resources like rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

How Are runoff and groundwater alike?

Because runoff is water flowing on Earth's surface and groundwater is water that moves downward into the ground. So the answer is runoff and groundwater is water.

How does surface water become groundwater?


How can groundwater become surface water?

By Wells

How does the rate of groundwater flow compare with that of moving ocean water or river currents?

Groundwater flow is very slow compared to currents in surface water, generally moving at less then one and one-half meters per day.

Does radon occur more in groundwater or surface water?

The groundwater contain more radon.

What is difference between groundwater and surface water?

Groundwater is underneath the surface of the top soil and lower rocks. When it rains the water cycles down into the Earth where plants roots can reach it. Surface water is like a pond or a mass of water sitting on the surface.

Groundwater and surface water?

Groundwater is water located beneath the ground surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of lithologic formations whereas Surface water is water collecting on the ground or in a stream, river, lake, wetland, or ocean.

What is groundwater and why is groundwater pollution the most likely environmental danger of landfills?

Groundwater, simply, is the water beneath the surface of the ground.

Surface water becomes groundwater when it?

Absorbs into the ground

Water found below the earths surface?


What is a way in which groundwater becomes surface water?


Water under the earth's surface is called?


Is water found in aquifers ground or surface water?

Aquifers are groundwater.

How does groundwater become surface water?

Groundwater is underground water below the level of the water table. In locations where the surface of the ground dips below the level of the water table, ground water becomes surface water (e.g. lakes, rivers, open pit mines).

What is an example of groundwater?

If you have a well you would bring GROUNDWATER UP! Any water in the ground, as distinct from a surface stream or lake, is groundwater.

Groundwater is retained on the surface of the earth?

The answer is false. Ground water is water retained below earth's surface. BELOW THE SURFACE.

What is the interaction between surface water and groundwater in a watershed?

Surface water collects in a watershed and seeps into the ground

What is the name for the water found below the earth surface?


What do you call water found below the earth's surface?


What is the term for water that seeps under the surface of the earth?


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