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Q: Compare the food energy in calories from burning the chip and the saltine. How can you explain this differences in terms of chemical composition?
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Compare and contrast a physical property and a chemical property?

A physical property is something that can be changed without changing the actual composition of something, such as shape or density. A chemical property is something that actual is part of the composition of the object, such as atoms or mass. Think of it like a car, a physical property of the car is its shape or condition. You can dent the car, even send it to get crushed into a square at the junkyard, technically its still the same. Everything that made it up is still there. However if there is rust, metal is being eaten away when reacting with oxygen, metal was part of made up the car and now some is missing and the composition is not the same as before, showing it is a chemical property.

How do pictures of elements and compounds compare to chemical formulas?


How does the composition of organic foods compare to the composition of organic fuels?

There is no way to compare them as the word organic has entirely different meanings in each context:organic in the context of foods means they were grown without use of certain practices seen as potentially unhealthfulorganic in the context of chemistry/fuels means complex carbon compoundsAll foods, both organic and nonorganic are organic in the chemical sense.

How do the properties of substances formed in chemical changes compare to those of the original substances?

two kinds

How do reactants and products compare in a chemical reaction?

Reactants are what the products are made out of. The products are the end result.

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How does your calculated number of calories compare to the calories listed on the label of the food product?

my calculated number of calories compare to the calories listed on the label of food product higher.

How does a bacteria cell and a mammal cell compare in their chemical composition?

Bacteria cells differ from mammal cells because they have no nucleus and have genetic material which is stringy and thick found in cytoplasm

How might the composition of the moon compare to that of the earth?

it is smaller

How does composition of organic foods compare to the composition of organic fuel?

I dont know try to use it on google #factss

Compare and contrast relationship and function?

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What are the similarities and differences in windows?

When you ask for similarities and differences, you must have a second target to compare to.

What does compare and contrast means?

compare and contrast mean the equalities and differences between what you are comparing and contrasting.

When you compare do you find similarities or differences?

Usually comparing brings about similarities. Contrasting brings differences.

What does the word contrast and compare mean?

compare means what two things have in common. contrast are the differences things have.

The differences between impatient and patient capital?

what the differences between impatient and patient people. and how can we compare their personal?

How does the composition of gamma rays compare to the composition of alpha and beta partilce?

Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation.Alpha particles are helium nuclei.Beta particles are electrons.