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The rate is way higher in water, because of its fluidity.

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Q: Compare the rate of diffusion in a gelatin vs the rate of diffusion in water?
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How does the rate of diffusion in a gelatin at room temperature compare with the rate of diffusion in water at the same temperature?

The rate of diffusion in gelatin at room temperature is very slow. This is especially compared to the rate of diffusion in water at the same temperature.

How a change in medium water to gelatin would affect the rate of diffusion?

A change in medium water to Gelatin would affect the rate of diffusion dramatically. The change from water to gelatin would slow down the rate of diffusion.

What is the diffence in rate of diffusion hot and cold water?

Diffusion is a process which is affected by changes in temperature in the system where it is taking place. When the temperature is high, the rate of diffusion is high and when the temperature is low, the rate of diffusion is less.Hence, we can say that diffusion is directly proportional to temperature.Therefore, the answer to your question is that diffusion will be high in hot water and in cold water, it will be slow.

Why do you think temperature affect rate of diffusion?

Temperature affects the rate of diffusion, by speeding up the movement of molecules. For example it kind of like when going from water to steam. The water molecule get heat added and speed up, like that of diffusion.

What happens to rate of diffusion on heating?

On heating the rate of Diffusion increases..

What is the effect of the density of liquid on the rate of diffusion?

The increase in density will decrease the rate of diffusion. There is an inverse relation between density and rate of diffusion.

How does concentration affect the rate of diffusion?

the concentration of saline affects the rate of diffusion through the process of osmosis and diffusion. try the experiment of the 3 cell membranes

How do temperature effect the rate of diffusion?

higher temp = higher rate of diffusion

As partial pressure increases what happens to the rate of diffusion?

Rate of diffusion will increase.

Is the rate of diffusion of ink in water and honey same.justify?

no it is not i also need the justification part

What is diffusion and what increases the rate of diffusion?

diffusion is the transefer of said product from high to low concentration on the outside of the organism. e.g when in water skin wrinkles as their is water outside and water diffuses from your skin to the water outside as it has a higher concentration of molecules. You can increase diffusion by increasing the concentration of the other product on the outside. hope this helped.

What is diffusion rate proportional to?

rate of diffusion depends on the concentration gradient, surface area, distance over which diffusion takes place, size and nature of the diffusing molecule.