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The compound formed between sodium and selenium is named "sodium selenide" and has the formula Na2Se.

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What is compound formed between sodium and selenium?

Sodium selenide is a compound formed between sodium and selenium.

Formula for a compound formed between sodium and sulfate ion?

A formula for a compound formed between sodium cations and sulfate anions is Na2SO4.

What compound is formed when beryllium and sodium are combined?

No binary compound between beryllium and sodium.

What compound is formed between sodium and fluorine?

Sodium and fluorine will form an ionic compound named sodium fluoride with the formula NaF.

What happens when an ionic compound forms between sodium and bromine atoms?

The compound sodium bromide is formed by the formation of ionic bonds between sodium and bromide ions.

What is the formula for the compound formed by sodium and oxygen?

The sodium ion is Na+ and the oxide ion is O2-. Therefore the ionic compound formed between the two ions has chemical formula Na2O which is sodium oxide.

What is the relationship between sodium chlorine and table salt?

Table salt is a compound formed by reaction between sodium and chlorine.

What compound does sodium and chlorine make?

Sodium chloride, an ionic compound, is formed.

What is the formula for compound formed between Na and Cl?

Sodium and chlorine react each other to form sodium chloride, NaCl, which is an ionic compound.

Are sodium selenite and selenium same things?

No. Both are different. Sodium selenide is an ionic compound by the formula Na2Se. Sodium selenite is Na2SeO3, a selenite is the analog of sulfite. Selenium is a nonmetal with the symbol, Se.

Is sodium chloride is an example of a compound formed by ionic bonding?

yes, Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is a compound, and it is an ionic bond (between a metal and a non-metal)

Is common salt a compound mixture or element?

Common salt is a compound, formed from the reaction between sodium and chlorine, giving NaCl, sodium chloride, common salt.

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