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Computers in cars?

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Computers are already in cars. Chrysler either just came out with or is coming out with in the near future a vehicle that you will be able to buy; which you can access wireless internet from, with a monthly fee.

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What types of computers are inside cars or thermostates?

Embedded Computers are in cars, thermostates basically everything.

What year did car companies start putting computers in cars?

they never really put computers in cars but started putting cars in computers the first chance they got so think smart and not dumb!.......... they do put computers in cars what do you think controls your abs moduel, air bag moduel, and cruse control?

What is made in Japan?

Cars, Guns, and Computers.

How do you get a microscan to read old cars?

You can't. It connects to a computer. Old cars did not have computers.

What does Germany import?

They import a lot of computers and Cars.

Which is better new or old cars?

depends, old cars are based on power but new cars are based on technology like computers

How much do cars weigh I need to know this for a quiz that you can use computers?

Cars weigh about two tons.

What types of technology people want in their cars?

computers ,tv.

What are the 5 major imports of Australia?

computers cars and shoes

Example of primary industry?

Soda pop, or cars. Or .. computers.

Do all cars need emission check?

Checks are usually done or controlled by the state. Each state is different. Usually old cars do not have to pass tests. New cars, after 1994 I think, have built in computers that are continuously checking the cars emissions. These computers store the data and can be read by the testing facility.

How you find computers in lumina cars?

Sometimes they are behind the airfilter compartment.

What technology was invented in the 1800s?

everything from TV to computers even cars

Country that provides Cuba with cars and computers in exchange of sugar?


Embedded computers or what are installed in smart appliances and cars?

micro chips

What year did gm start using computers in there cars?

I believe it was 1981.

What was the reason to put computers in cars?

To have vehicles run more efficiently.

What do you use energy for?

cars, air conditioner, computers, light bulbs, television

Who does Marcus mesta like?

I like the color purple, computers, nice cars, and you.

What machine starts with c?

Cellphones, Computers, Cars, Cash registers, ... etc

Which is not a product that science disscoveries to bring to society?


What blessings did the technology bring?

artificial heat and fans, cars and computers retard

What are some things that use gears?

ERM... fishing rods bikes clocks shipps rigging computers cars phones

What are 3 types of computers?

There are more than three types of computers. They can be cellphones, cars, even entire buildings.But the 3 main types of computers are: Cell Phones, Laptops and the PC itself.

What is the difference between a programmable calculator and a computer?

Pretty much everything we use is a computer, whether they're programmable or not. game controllers have computers. smartphones are computers. monitors have computers in them. TVs also do. Cars have them. and of course, calculators are computers also.

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