Concerta is treated for

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Q: Concerta is treated for
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Concerta and alcohol?

how does concerta help kids with ADHD

Does Concerta cause low blood pressure?

No; Concerta is methylphenidate which is a stimulant. Concerta should raise blood pressure.

Can you mail Concerta to someone?

can u mail concerta overnight

Can you take Celexa with Concerta?

yes..i was prescribed and am taking celexa, welbutrin, and concerta all together celexa and welbutrin for depression concerta for adhd...

Can concerta help with PTSD as well as ADHD?

Concerta is made to treat ADHD. You would have to ask your doctor about the possibility of treating PTSD with Concerta.

How long does Concerta stay in your body?

How long does 36 mm of concerta stay in your body?

Is Concerta and amphetamine or methamphetamine relate if so how?

Concerta is a mthylphenidate. It has similar properties as amphetamine.

Can you crush Concerta?

Plain and simple, NO, Concerta was designed to be non-abusable via crushing.

Can you take Advil with Concerta?

Yes, you can. Concerta - or 'methylphenidate' - does not interact with Advil in a negative way.

Can Concerta mess up you period?

concerta is not related to your period. i am only 14 y/o and take concerta every day for adhd and my periods are normal

How long does Concerta stay in your system for a drug test?

if you take concerta and stop and have to take a drug test two days later, will concerta show up at all.

Should you take less Concerta if you start taking lexapro?

i would not advise taking any concerta while taking lexapro. I am currently taking lexapro and have taken concerta about 7 times. Each time i took concerta i would hear many scary voices in my head. i looked up the psycotic effects of concerta and they said that a side effect of concerta is hearing voices if you are on an antidepressant

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