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The war was coming to an end in May 1945. Most of the large cities were in ruins and people were displaced from their homes.

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Germany surrendered in May 1945?

Victory in Europe Day 8 May 1945 .

When did Germany surrender in World War Two?

May 8th 1945May 7, 1945

When was the defeat of Germany?

Germany surrendered on the 7th of May 1945, this was basically when Germany was defeated.

When did Germany surrender unconditionally to the allied powers?

15th May 1945 may 7th 1945 is correct

Did Germany fall before Japan?

Yes. Germany surrendered on 7th May 1945, and Japan on 2nd September 1945.

When did the Capitulation of Germany happen?

May 5, 1945

What was the sitution in may 1945 in Europe?

Germany surrendered

Why was the atomic bomb not dropped in Germany?

Atomic bomb was succesfully tested in July 1945 after Germany already surrendered in May 1945.

What year did Germany surrender and japan surrender?

japan surrendered September 2,1945 Germany surrendered may 7, 1945 japan surrendered September 2,1945 Germany surrendered may 7, 1945

What year did Soviet Union defeat Germany?

Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945.

What stopped the Holocaust?

The defeat and surrender of Germany in May, 1945.

The day after the unconditional surrender by germany?

8 May 1945

Did Germany surrender in May of 1945?

after Hitler committed suicide

When was Amsterdam liberated?

It was liberated from Germany on May 5th 1945.

When did the Nazis control Germany?

January 1933 - May 1945.

When did Germany declare Hitler was dead?

On 1 May 1945.

When did Germany agree to unconditional surrender?

8 May 1945

What happened to nazi Germany?

Germany was defeated by the Allied forces. They surrendered on May 1st 1945.

When did Germany surrender in World War II?

After Hitler's suicide Germans were left with no other chance other than to surrender.On the other hand the soviet troops had entered the German capital, Berlin.The Germans unconditionally surrendered on May 7,1945.All hostilities ended on May 9, 1945 at 12 noon.Armistice in WW1 11th November 1918. VE Day in WW2 May 8th 1945.MAY 8 1945May 8th, 1945The war ended in 1945The unconditional surrender of German forces took place on May 8th 1945.Germany surrenderd on May 2nd 1945.

Did Germany surrender before or after japan surrendered in world war 2?

Germany surrendered on 7 May 1945. Japan surrendered on 15 August 1945.

When did Germany surender in World War 2?

7th May 1945

When was World War 2 with Germany Ended?

7th May 1945

When did Germany surrenders and the war ends in Europe?

1945 7th May

In World War 2 when did Germany surrender?

May 8, 1945

When did Germany sign surrender agreement?

7 and 8 May, 1945.

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