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Connect a PC to a TV?

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I found an app called Zimly on the Play Store and I use it to stream media to my flat screen TV. Zimly works as both a media player and a streaming player, and by using the app with Chromecast I can stream media to my TV.

You could also use the app for quick transfer of files from your PC to your Android and also for streaming movies in HD online.

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How do you connect a ps2 to a Mac?

PS2s do not connect to a mac or a PC they connect to a TV

How can one connect their PC to the TV?

An individual can connect their PC to a television by using a HDMI Cable. These cables are specifically designed to enhance sound and picture quality.

How do i connect my PC display to tv?

I have an app called Zimly a well featured media player app, which helps me to connect my PC to TV. I use Zimly to transfer my media files from my PC to my smartphone, or to my TV using chromecast. With the help of Zimly I am able to watch my favorite videos on the big screen. Try Zimly to connect your PC to your TV.

How do you hook the PC to TV?

Go to your tv and find the "PC" input. It has a thick wire. Acquire the pc and connect it via the hub in the back. -Ilyaman

How can you connect your PC to your magnavox 37MF231D HDTV lcd and watch tv?

Although you can connect TV to PC via DVI to HDMI cable, the picture quality is not guaranteed. This is not recommended by manufacturer.

How do you connect USB TV tuner to my PC?

What you do is you connect the USB cable to the USB port on the side of your computer it is easy You might use a phoenix card reader to connect USB TV Tuner to your PC, it also support CAM.

How do I connect my wireless vga cable to my tv?

To connect your desktop or laptop computer to your television you will use a vga cable. Information about how to connect the devices can be found at .

How do I watch a video on my pc and connect it to my tv?

You need an HDMI cable to connect a video on your pc to your tv. HDMI cables can be purchased at any electronics store and are usually around thirty dollars or so.

How do I connect my PC to my tv so I can play video off it?

In order to connect your PC to your TV you need, you need have a composite, s-video, or DVI connection on your computer. Depending upon the type of input your TV has, connect the cables from your computer to yout TV. Then use the Display control panel on your in windows to activate the output to your TV screen.

Is there a gba emulator that works on android and PC?

For android & PC no but you can connect your gameboy to a wii or gamecube to play it on a TV...

How can you connect your TV to your PC so that you can see what's playing on your TV live on the computer monitor?

You will need a TV tuner card.

What does PC input on a tv do?

it will work if you have a tv tuner, if you dont have one you probably wont be able to connect the two

What equipment do you need to connect a PC to a TV?

A video card with Video Out's for TV connections and a TV that can handle the Resolution. I think most standard TV's are 320xsomething. no where near what PC monitors are.

How do you connect ps2 to a PC monitor?

You do not . The PS2 was designed to be connected to a TV not a computer monitor

How do you hook a ps2 to your PC to play on monitor?

You connect a PS2 to a TV not a computer monitor.

What connector was designed to connect your PC to a high-end television set?


How can you connect your PC to a television?

I found an app called Zimly on Play store and downloaded it for streaming videos from PC to TV. Zimly combines the features of a streaming player and a media player, and allows you to watch your videos online in HD with no downtime. Zimly is the best android app to connect PC to TV. Download Zimly and enjoy watching videos on a big TV sctreen.

How do you connect PC to PC via lane cable?

Through cross lan cabel we connect pc to pc.

How do you connect PC to TV with no wireless?

I have installed an app called Zimly which helps me to connect my PC to my TV, the connection process was very easy and simple I connected my PC to my TV in few minutes. Zimly supports chromecast and also subtitles for the songs that is played using Zimly.

How do you watch TV off your computer?

You can either Subscribe to Online TV Channels or can connect a TV Tuner Card to PC\Laptop to view Television Channels on your Computer.

What port is required to connect a PC to an LCD TV?

The answer it's a VGA. To connect the TV with an LCD nowadays some graphic cards give an HDMI option. There are also cables from VGA to HDMI.

Does a ps3 HDMI cable work to connect your PC to your tv?

If your PC has an HDMI port and the connector is the same as that used on a PS3, then it should work correctly.

Can the HP Mini VGA Monitor Cable be used to connect your PC to a television?

Yes if you Tv is modern so it had the right monitor port.

What wires are needed to connect a camcorder to the pc?

To connect your camcorder to the PC, it must be able to connect by a USB cable.

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