Consequences after intercourse?

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One either feels good about it or not. one is either pregnant or not. One has either picked up an STD or not.
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Can you have intercourse after pregnancy?

It is usually safe to have intercourse 6 weeks after pregnancy. If you are still unsure or uncomfortable after 6 weeks, contact your doctor.

Precaution after intercourse?

\n1.Always pass out urine to clear the urethra.\n2.Do not eat or drink any thing immediately, because of blood gone to pubic area.\n3.Relax.No hardwork.

How do lesbians have intercourse?

\n. \nThere are many ways, here are a few:\n. \n1. Scissoring, which includes rubbing together of the vaginal area.\n. \n2. Making out .\n. \n3. Tongue to the vagina.\n. \n4. Rubbing bodies against each other.\n. \n5. Tongue to the breasts.\n. \n6. Strap ons\n. \n7. Dildo \n. \n8. vegges \n ( Full Answer )

What is intercourse?

There are three types of sexual intercourse: 1) Vaginal; where a male's penis is inserted into a female'svagina. 2) Anal; where a male's penis is inserted into the anus of a femaleor of another male. 3) Oral, where a male's penis is inserted into the mouth of afemale or of another male. Intercour ( Full Answer )

Can you tell if you had intercourse?

It has happened that women have been sexually assaulted while unconscious or under the influence of drugs without their knowledge, so it seems that some times you cannot tell. That is particularly true if the attacker used a condom. If the man has semen inside the vagina the evidence of who he wa ( Full Answer )

How does a dog have intercourse?

Intercourse in dogs is in the control of the female. She signals the male she is ready to accept him by posing and flicking her tail in a sideways manner. An experienced female (this doesn't always happen with first timers) will allow the male to mount her, then she will clamp and hold on to him for ( Full Answer )

What is a consequence?

A consequence is an effect or result of an action, usually implying that it is a negative one. It can more specifically refer to actions by others in response to an action. A related word is repercussions . "Consequences" are the prices we pay for bad behavior, lapses in judgement, or bad decisi ( Full Answer )

How do you have anal intercourse?

You put your penis in your partner's anus. Then you trust your penis in and out of the anus. Then you ejaculate.

Can you get pregnant if there was no intercourse?

Sure, it's called artificial insemination where semen is artificially deposited. This is done all the time in zoos and farms. There is also en vitro fertilization where the egg(s) are inserted once fertilized in the lab. It is also possible to get pregnant if semen is ejaculated onto the area of ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to have intercourse?

You are capable of having intercourse when you are capable of being aroused, but the ages at which it is legal depend on which state you are living in. Try to wait until you are moved out of your parents house and ready to begin a life with someone. However, some have had sex at age 13 without eve ( Full Answer )

How do you have a intercourse?

Just pick your partner. LIKE your GF or BF Just always use CONDOM if it is your first time or if you want STD-FREE. then F*CK him/her. like anal S*X. Play GENTLE. P.S. I really dont know THESE.

What is an intercourse?

The interaction between two or more individuals, companies or countries on many different levels. Social, sexual, commercial or diplomatic.

Do chickens have intercourse?

Sort of. They don't have many of the (external) parts that a mammal does, but the functions of sex are the same. Mammals have either 2 (males) or 3 (females) orifices for excretion, birds have one. And a bird erection is kind of a tiny eversion of the cloaca, but it succeeds in getting sperm int ( Full Answer )

What is duration of intercourse?

That depends, it could take 5 minutes, it could take 2 hours. That all depends on what your preference is. But do try to take your time with it. A 'quicky' can be fun from time to time but don't rush it all the time. Intercourse can be such a beautiful and intense experience for you and your partner ( Full Answer )

No conception after intercourse?

if u were not ovuating you would not become pregnant just because u have sex does not mean u get pregnant

How to do vaginal intercourse?

If you are not old enough to know about sexual intercourse, you should talk to your parents. If you are uncomfortable or do not feel that you would be getting accurate information from your parents, talk to a school counselor or teacher at your school.

How do you do first intercourse?

It's important that you don't rush it. Take your time, get comfortable and try not to be too nervous. It's crucial that you both are relaxed and ready for it. Don't set your expectations too high, not many first times are amazing. You might not get it exactly right the first time, but that's what th ( Full Answer )

What is intercourse in Urdu?

The word is traslated as مباشرت transliterated as 'Mubash'rt' and pronounced 'moo-ba-sh-rt'. The T here somewhat uses the French sound for the same letter though a little sharper.

Is intercourse difficult?

Not if you are in a comfortable position and speed. Will be toughto figure outthe forst time.

What is consequencely?

It is probably the word "consequently," misspelled. Here is the definition of consequently: . Definitions of consequently on the Web:. (sentence connectors) because of the reason given; "consequently, he didn't do it"; "continued to have severe headaches and accordingly returned ... . as a con ( Full Answer )

What is consequently?

as a result, effect, or outcome; therefore: There has been a great deal of rain and consequently the reservoirs are full.

How do you to have intercourse?

You put the sexy penis up the smexy vagina and done. If you want a very unsatisfied woman you do what the person above said! You have to incl foreplay and you start with making out and stroking, kissing, licking each other and learning what the other person like. The person above just described t ( Full Answer )

Where is Intercourse?

\nThere is a well known small town in the State of Pennsylvania, in the United States, called Intercourse. It is in "Amish" country (a Christian religious sect known for plain living), about 50 miles west of Philadelphia, and just east of Lancaster, PA.

When is it safe to have intercourse?

Safe from what? Pregnancy or diseases. No contraception is 100% effective in protecting pregnancy or infectious diseases.

Do opossums have intercourse?

Yes, opossums have intercourse. Males' penises split in the middle, making a "Y" shape. This is because females have two vaginas, leading to two separate uteruses, and the males must fertilize each one. After a gestation period of two weeks, the babies are born, helpless. They must climb up to the n ( Full Answer )

Why does intercourse hurt?

It only hurts the first time you do it due to the hymen breaking, after that its all good not unless you have a STI or you boyfriends "member" is really big. lol

Why to have intercourse?

It reduces your chances of having Heart problems * It makes you fit !! Trust me , it gives you enough exercise of what you would get by running 75 miles a day ! *Gives relaxation and plessure * Reproduces babies in women .

Can you have the intercourse when you are pregnant?

yes most defiently and i enjoyed it i have been pregnant twice and sex was a little strange at first but we got used to it and we really loved sex any time that we could get it yes you can! some women perfer having sex during pregnancy as there senses are hightened. Yes. It is perfectly healthy and ( Full Answer )

What is the consequences of intercourse two weeks after cryosurgery?

2 weeks is the minimum time frame most docs give for you to resume intercourse (2-3 weeks). Some women have experienced pain like cramps and more discharge than normal right after sex, and some waited 4-5 weeks before having sex. So it depends on the woman but waiting at least 2 weeks would be the s ( Full Answer )

How can you do intercourse?

It is just like mating but in terms of human being,different from animals.It is one of the way to get new generation..

What is the meaning of intercourse?

What is intercourse? Intercourse is a word derived from the Latin "inter" (in the middle) plus "currere" (to run). The two words together mean: "to run in the middle, or together". During the Roman Empire the word intercourse had a generic meaning which stood for: communication à conv ( Full Answer )

Why do you have painful intercourse?

try lubrication, also try to get your vagina lubricated by itself this can be done by foreplay or oral sex to the vagina or fingering it.

Can you have intercourse at 11?

Yes, you can. However, for legal issues, you may want to check what age is legal to have intercourse in your state / country. well to be quite honest, don't do it that's gross, may seem cool, or the man might be right... but i know someone who did it at 9, and all my school take the sear mick outa h ( Full Answer )

What happens in intercourse?

Intercourse is when you're entering a course. Particularly a golf course. It was derived from the american word "enter" which means to go in. Course is a plot of land. Therefore intercourse is entering a golf course. Nothing special really happens except for you may have to pay a fee if you're not a ( Full Answer )

What intercourse is in Islam?

Intercourse, in Islam, should not be outside marriage, should not be during wife menstruation (period), and should not be through wife's back (not through inserting penis in wife's anus). In addition, both oral sex and intercourse between wife and husband should be mutually acceptable, satisfactory, ( Full Answer )

Why there is gases after intercourse?

Some time if intercourse is perform with the female in the all fours position, (doggy-style) the anatomical way the penis is inserted can cause air buildup in the vagina which will be released shortly after intercourse a.k.a. (queef). If you are talking about yourself having gas as the male, then th ( Full Answer )

How elephants get intercourse?

They go on a series of dates in the view that their opposing partner will find them attractive and wish to indulge in intercourse with them.

Can you have intercourse with your daughter?

It is physically possible to have sexual intercourse with your daughter, but if you do you are committing incest. If your daughter is not an adult, you would also be committing statutory rape and child abuse.

What does the vagina do in intercourse?

The vagina tightens up when the penis of a man enters the vaginal area. When the sperm from the man's penis enters the woman's vagina, the sperm and the egg become one, and soon produce a baby.

Can teenagers have intercourse?

I think you can but only 15 and over that mark sounds good (yes, teenagers CAN have intercourse) Are you kidding me? The answer above me is a joke. Having intercourse at 15 is stupid, here are the ten reasons why I think this. 1. You aren't married. 2. You are still in school. 3. You will g ( Full Answer )

How to have intercourse with a woman?

well first you need her to trust you with her body and make her feel comfortable. try playing with her(foreplay) fingering, rubbing, kissng anything that will get her in the mood, then well take it from there..

How can i get her to have intercourse?

you get her to a motel, be nice to her, buy her a drink, encourage her to have more until she's drunk, then, you take her to your bed and she will be willing to have sex with you.

How do you relax at intercourse?

during intercourse, do some passionate kissing now and again you will relax whilst kissing! having nice slow sex can be a little less painful! :)

When is it safe for intercourse?

If you are talking about not getting pregnant w/o using contraception, then the real life answer is - never. Bodies aren't clockwork and may fall out of synch for whatever reasons. One out of five women relying on"safe" days still get pregnant within one year.