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buy a new fireplace.

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Q: Convert natural gas fireplace to a propane gas?
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Which is better - a propane fireplace or a natural gas fireplace?

Check the prices of propane and natural gas where you are. That will be the deciding factor.

How do you convert a fireplace from propane to natural gas?

Get a certified technician to work on gas. He will have to change the orifice, possibly the gas valve.

Can you convert your natural gas fire to propane gas?

Maybe, contact the manufacturer of the furnace or fireplace insert and ask what the procedure is and if you can get the proper parts from him.

How do you convert a natural gas stove to propane?

to do this you switch it from natural gas to propane remove this answer, a tautology, no help at all

How do you convert your propane gas Bosch to natural gas?

I am wondering if you can convert the lp or propane gas to natural gas on a bosch tankless hotwater heater. I am guessing it has a different orfice and regulator

Does a fireplace that runs on gas work with propane?

It can- but propane and natural gas have different heat values- check with your gas company to see if yours can be converted SAFELY.

How do you convert a furnace to propane or natural gas?

Change out the gas flow orifice size to propane and adjust the gas valve.

Can you convert a propane dryer to natural gas?

Yes, there is a kit you can get to replace the orifices of the natural gas.

How do you convert a propane heater to natural gas?

It would be very difficult to convert a solid heater into a gas.

How do you covert raw natural gas coming from a well on your property to propane to burn in your car or fill a tank to transport?

You can't convert natural gas to propane because natural gas is methane and propane is what it says it is. Given that, there are Compressed Natural Gas cars, and if you get a natural gas compressor you can use it in a car.

How do you convert a Vermont Castings three burner gas grill from propane to natural gas?

how do we get our gas range converted back to natural gas

How do you convert a propane pool heater to natural gas?

YOU cannot - you need to call a gas fitter.