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This is a felony, which is typically a sentence of 12 months or more.

2006-07-29 12:25:16
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Q: Convicted of saw off shotgun charges what sentence no record?
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What is the sentence for a convicted felon with arm robbery with a firearm?

This depends on the exact charges brought, and the prior record of the person charged.

Are you considered convicted if your charges for an assault were dismissed but your charge still show is up in your record?

No. The charges were dismissed.

Do crimes show up on the track record if charges were dropped?

No, they do not but if you were convicted of a crime it would.

What happens if you were charged with a felony but not convicted?

If you were found not guilty or the charges were dismissed the record of the arrest and the original charges will show on a background check. In a situation like this you should appy to the court to have the record seale/expunged.

Can you be a RN with a criminal record of forgery that was dismissed?

If the forgery charge against you was actually dismissed, then you were not convicted, and although the record of your arrest still exists so, also, does the record that the charges were dismissed.

What is the Statute of limitations for DUI convictions?

Statute of limitations are used to prevent charges from being brought. Once you are convicted, statute of limitations are not applicable. Once you are convicted, it is always on your record.

What happens if convicted of possession of a firearm under disability?

This depends on the exact charges brought, and the prior record of the person charged.

Does okla have statute of limitation on DUI charges?

If you have not been tried, there is no statute of limitations. If you have been convicted a DUI usually stays on your record for ten years.

If you were arrested but not convicted would it still be on your record?

Yes, it will show up on your record as well as the fact that you were not convicted.

How long does a misdemeanor stay on your recod in Md?

a conviction will remain on your record all your life, if convicted as an adult, there are things you can do to sponge your record but there are sertain charges that can not be sponched off. also if you were convicted as a minor those records can be sealed. if you was charged and plead but was granted deffered ajudicated pribation then, you were not convicted that is if you sussesfully finished you probation period. in that case there is not a conviction, but an arrest will always show.

How do you expunge a capital murder record i was convicted of capital murder?

It's impossible for convicted capital murder to have that record expunged.

I received a felony in Wisconsin this week how soon can you try to have it taken off your record and how do you go about it i live in minnesota also what are the consequences of what you can and can?

The only thing that will remove a felony arrest and/or conviction from your record is to have your record expunged. You must submit a petition/motion to the court system in which you were convicted, stating your reason(s) and giving good reason(s) why the record should be expunged. If you were convicted and are currently serving the sentence you cannot do this until after your sentence is completed. Expungement will only remove the record of your arrest and conviction from the the PUBLIC record, only law enforcement will have access to that portion of your ciminal history. Expungement IS NOT A PARDON, you will still be a convicted felon and you will not get your "rights" restored.

If arrested as a minor for domestic and you were not convicted does that stay on your record?

In most jurisdictions, your conviction record is usually sealed once you become an adult. If you were not convicted, it will not remain on your record.

Will a misdemeanor show up on a background check in MO if on probation?

The very fact that you are on probation means you have been convicted of some offense. Probation is a SENTENCE!!!! Of course, there will be a record of that offense on your record.

Can you reduce a felony after probation?

Once convicted, and having successfully served your SENTENCE of probation you cannot have the charged reduced. It is too late for that action. However, if you qualify under the expungement laws of the state that convicted you - you may apply to have the charge expuinged from your record. Not all charges are expungable, so be sure to look into this procedure carefully before investing money in retaining an attorney to assist you.

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in New Hampshire?

If you're convicted of a felony, it will remain on your record for life.Added: Quoted from the NH expungement law: "A person convicted of a violent crime, of any crime of obstruction of justice, or of any offense for which the petitioner was sentenced to an extended term of imprisonment is not eligible for annulment."

How much time can a convicted felon get for possession of firearm aggravated assault and probation violation in the state of minnesota?

This depends on the exact charges brought, and the prior record of the person charged.

What if you don't know you have crimal charges on you when you apply for a job?

If you have ever been arrested for a crime, you would have to go to court. If you were convicted or plead guilty, you have a criminal record for 7 years.

Can you expunge a DUI in NC?

You cannot expunge from your record any conviction that was received as an adult. In NC, 16 and older is an adult. If you were convicted of anything, it cannot be expunged. Only charges that were dismissed can be expunged. Your DUI will be on your record forever. Sorry.

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in Mississippi?

Felony charges cannot be dropped off of your record. * Charges yes, convictions no.

When does a minor in possession conviction at age 19 come off your record in Oregon?

If you were convicted at 19, the record of it WILL show on your adult record because you were older than 18 when convicted.

Is being arrested for a felony pled nolo paid restitution and probation but no jail sentence. the same as convicted of a felony When jobs ask have you been convicted of a felony do I check Yes?

Yes, you have been convicted. Your plea of Nolo Contendre meant that you acknowledged that the state had enough evidence to convict you. PROBATION IS A SENTENCE! Your probation WAS a sentence for the guilty plea. A record of both your arrest and the court disposition does exist.

How long are charges on your record?

It varies depending on the charges and the jurisdiction you are in !!!

Does domestic violence show in a criminal record?

If the abuser was tried and convicted of a felony such as assault, then yes, it will show up in a criminal record. If never convicted, then no.

How do you expunge your convicted felony record in Missouri?

Missouri does not have an expungment law. A person may only expunge an arrest record, and even then only if there was no guilty finding and a court finds that there was no probable cause for the arrest. The only other option to clean a record of charges that are final is a pardon by the Governor.