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Cooling fan wont come on?

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i'm assuming you mean your computer processor fan. If so, replace it. It's dead!

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1999 ford expedition front fan wont come on?

Which fan are you refering too? cooling fanHeater fan

97 ford contour gl cooling fan wont come on which relay is the one for the cooling fan?

They should be coded. On mine the relay is the green one under the hood.

What is wrong if you replace the cooling fan motor in a 1995 Ford Escort but it still wont come on?

check for power and ground at the fan plug, relay, and fuse

Why wont the Condenser fan and cooling fan not come on Honda accord?

Probably because either the fuse or circuit breaker or the temperature sensing switches have failed.

Why wont the ac cooling fan run on a 1987 tauras?

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Why wont my 92 cavalier cooling fan come on?

check see if its gitting power if it is then the motor is bad if no power check relay

Why wont the cooloing fan come on and the ac wont come on either is this a sensor?

When you say "cooling fan", do you mean the radiator fan or the cabin air fan? If the radiator fan and the compressor are failing to come on, it could just be low refrigerant but in either case there is no guarantee that any single component would cause what you describe. It could be a fuse, relay, controls, connector or any of a number of possible causes.

Why does my cooling fan come on late?

it is brokin

Rubicon fan wont come on?

replace the fan motor

Your peugeot 306 is overheating when idle and your cooling fan wont come on you have brought a new fan and heat sensor but still don't work?

try picking up a new fan relay + check fuse and module fan behind bumper

Why wont the cooling fan on a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee come on?

The relay has probably failed. It is located under the passenger headlight, under the bumper cover.

The radiator fan of 2001 Chevy Malibu wont turn on while AC is off What is the problem?

Cooling fan is designed to come on when A/C,defroster, or engine temperature exceeds 235 degrees only

My 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager cooling fan won't come on?

If the cooling fan on a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager won't come it, the fuse could be blown. The fan can also be froze up.

Why wont the fan come on in a 2002 Chevy Venture?

Which fan? there are 4.

Does the cooling fan work as soon as the vehicle starts?

yes the cooling fan will take 4 minutes to work The cooling fan will come on as soon as the car starts only if the air conditioner or derfroster is on.

Why wont 1998 Honda civic ex cooling fan come on when car is on?

AnswerThe cooling fan is not on all the time. When driving above 35 mph, ram air takes effect and the air going through the radiator is stronger than the air can be pulled by the fan.When first starting the car, it may take several minutes for the fan to come on because the engine is "warming up".The cooling fan is controlled by a thermostat. It is supposed to come on at a certain temperature. This often when the car is standing still in heavy traffic on a hot day. This causes the engine to get hotter than normal and the fan will switch on.

The Cooling fan in my 1993 Dodge Stealth wont turn on what could be the problem?

Either the fan is no good or the heat sensor in your radiator, that turns the fan on is not working!!

Cooling fans wont come on 1998 dodge caravan?

I would say it is the radiator fan relay. This just happened to me on my Town & Country. This is a very common problem with these vans. The rad fan relay cost $40.00

How do you remove the cooling fan shroud from a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

The 2000 Chevy Cavalier cooling fan shroud is held in place with 10 retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts and the cooling fan shroud will come off.

What temp does cooling fan come on 1989 corvette?

Main Fan 228*F Aux Fan 235*F

94 geo prizm cooling fan wont turn on fan good?

It could be a number of things . 1st unplug the fan at the plug connection and jump the fan to make sure it works. if that is working while jumping then its either a fuse ,the fan relay or cooling fan switch. if the fan doesn't work after jumping. then its the fan motor.

What can make a radiator cooling fan not come on?

Problem with the temp sensor.

When does a cooling fan come on in a car?

when the car starts to over heat

Why wont your cooling fan come on foa an 1994 Acura integra?

i just had this problem you have to either change the fan relay switch or the sensor because they could be old so they ar not telling the fans to react to when the car is getting hot. but i changed mines and they come on now

What is the name for a cooling fan in a computer?

cooling fan