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Order of draw for a phelobotomist is the following (tubes that collect specimens in a phelobotomist case is blood specimen the most common one used are lavender for blood counts and red for serology pregnancy test and STD's and SST tubes which are seum separator tubes that go to chemistry there's only a few SST and the other tubes contain Plasma some examples, are the lavender the light blue gray for toxicology and etc etc. Theres about 14 common tubes that are identified with their top colors 4 of them are SST that contain serum and 10 are plasma (these are chemicals that are in the tube to preserve the blood specimen) to aid on the testing . There are many department to which these tubes are send to but with the proper training and practice these Order of Draw get easier The test are many hundreds and the deparment are quite a few As long as you recognize these that are the most common ones you be on your way to be a very sucesfull phlrbotomist like me Im eaven surprise of the information that I provided here Hopefully It will help someone. Phelobotomist student.

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Q: Correct order of draw for coagulation studies?
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