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Costa is the Spanish word for what?


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costa = coast


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Costa is the Spanish word for coast.

"Costa Rica" is Spanish for "rich coast".

costa rica. Costa Rica are Spanish words.

zapatos but only is spanish i am a costa rican beauty

cost, price coast, seashore, beach

The nationality of Costa Rica in Spanish is costarricense.

"Costa rica" is Spanish for "rich coast."

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, so in Costa Rica you would say "money" using the Spanish word, "dinero." On the other hand, there is an English language enclave in Costa Rica, and many people elsewhere in that country understand some English, so you might be understood when using the English word. "money."

Costa Rica IS in Spanish. It means "Rich Coast".

Costa Rica's nick name in Spanish in Pura Vida!

oh idk maybe spanish!! Im Costa Rican aha im sorry but yeah costa rican people are spanish, im spanish, we speak spanish but not all people there speak spanish

This question doesn't make sense because its not a full question.Do you mean " what does the Spanish word Costa Rica mean"?1.Costa means coast.Rica means rich. so it means rich coast.2. its a republic in CentralAmerica.Those are the two answers that i can give you,I hope that was what you were looking for. :)

costa means coast in Spanish.

I dont know what you mean

Colombia, Costa Rica, and Bolivia all speak spanish =Colombia, Costa Rica, y Bolivia hablan español.

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish.

Coasta is the Spanish word for coast, as in sea coast. Different parts of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts have names and are very popular with tourists from around Europe and the rest of the world.There are 8 costas.They are Costa de la Luz, Costa del Sol, Costa de Almeria, Costa Calida, Costa Blanca, Costa de Azahar, Costa Dorada, and the Costa Brava.

'Costa' in Spanish means 'Coast' and 'Rica' means 'Rich' so 'Costa Rica' means 'Rich Coast'

Costa Rica are Spanish words. Literally "rich coast".

The Spanish and Mexicans

Costa Rica is already in spanish! Translated to English would be "Rich Cost" but we all know that is not how you say it. To pernounce Costa Rica is; cos-tah ree-kah

They are called Ticos or Costarricenses.

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