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Could Celebi appear as part of the Berry Glitch in Ruby and sapphire?

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When are the clear out sales in sapphire?

They're random but happens doesn't happen if the Berry glitch affects your game

What is the Berry Glitch Fix or the Berry Update Program?

From what i heard firered and leafgreen and emerald have this program and if you use a GBA link cable to hook up to sapphire or ruby you can fix your ruby and sapphire game, basically if sapphire or ruby is corrupted somehow this program fixes the games.

In Pokemon sapphire the word contest does not appear in the list of words so how can I get the pamtre berry from the berry master's wife?

You get it after Elite 4

Where do you get a friendly berry in Pokemon sapphire?

there is no such thing as a friendly berry in Pokemon sapphire

How do you get your berries to grow in sapphire after playing over 100 hours?

This glitch is able to be corrected by downloading the berry patch from either the Pokémon Colosseum bonus disc, or FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald.

What is a starf berry in Pokemon sapphire?

Its a berry given by Scott in Pokemon emerald.

Does Jirachi cure berry extinction and can you get it from Pokemon Colosseum?

Jirachi itself will not cure the Berry Glitch that stops time-related events in Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire however accessing the Pokémon Bonus Disc that downloads Jirachi will download the berry glitch fix into your game and you can also get the Berry fix by linking your game with Pokémon Colosseum or Pokémon XD Gale of Darknesss for battling or trading purposes.

What berry increases coolness in Pokemon sapphire?

cheri berries or any berry that is spicy

Where to find it on pamtre berry on sapphire?

You get it if you talk to the Berry Master's wife and say "challenge contest".

Where can you find the berry master on sapphire?

On Route 123

Where is berry master's house in sapphire?

On Route 123

How do you get the enigma berry in Pokemon sapphire?

You get it from the E Reader.

What is Berry Glitch Mix in FireRed and LeafGreen?

Do you mean the berry program well if you press B, right, select at the title screen the berry program will start.

How do you get a glitch whitout gameshark for Pokemon emerald?

2 Glitches: Pomeg and Berry Glitch. Pomeg: Caution: Save Before Doing this Hit Point Glitch! Make sure your Pokemon is 1 Hit Point. Then, Use Pomeg Berries until it says ?89 or any other number. Berry: Happens when you played over 100 hours or owned the game for a year. To fix this glitch, you must have Firered, or Leafgreen, or Ruby, or Sapphire, 2 Gameboy Advances (or 2 Game Boy Advances SP), and 2 GBA Wireless Adapters. You can transfer berries to Pokemon Emearld this way and the ONLY way to fix this glitch.

What happens when you plant the Enigma Berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Plant it to create more of them. Then use them to make PokeBlocks.-you can do that or learn the copy Pokemon and item glitch and clone the berry instead of waiting. if you don't know the glitch, then email me at ctran13@yahoo.comIf you plant the berry it can grow any random berry except for anouther enigma berry. The first thing posted is wrong

How do you find pamtre berry in platinum?

Only firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire and emerald can get a pamtre berry for firered and leafgreen you can get it from a Pokemon with the ability pickup, in ruby, sapphire and emerald talk to the berry masters wife and tell her "challenge contest" she will be impressed and give you a pamtre berry.

How do you get pamtre berry in pokemon sapphire?

In generation III (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald), the only way to obtain a Pamtre berry is to travel to Route 30, and enter the Berry Master's house. Talk to his wife and enter the phrase, Challenge Contest. You can then plant your Pamtre berry to obtain more.

How do you get the liechi berry in Pokemon Sapphire?

Only on the Mirrage Island

Wer the Location for Durin Berry in Pokemon diamond?

The berry isn't found in the game. You get it in events only. Sometime in the end of Feb. '11, there will be an event at gamestop stores where you can get a Celebi who is carrying this berry.

Where do you find a tamato berry in Pokemon?

Tamato berries are randomly given out by the berry master in ruby, sapphire or emerald.

How do you get a Celebi in Pokemon emerald?

Short Answer: Celebi is not available in Japan/USA/UK Long Answer: Nintendo, however does give these Pokemon out during special events; it is rather unfortunate that they do not yet have an event, thus, unless you have a hex-digit code translator i.e. Action Replay or Gameshark, you can not get Celebi!!!. These event have now stopedPS. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE!!!! If you know someone who has Celebi. they hacked it into their game. -not all read blowThis is half true there is a glitch in R/S/E that is called a "floating glitch". This occurs on route 123 (on the other side of berry masters house). It happens when your running/biking along this route and encounter a Pokemon it glitches and another wild Pokemon can appear. I have had the 3 different ?? (missingno) appear as well as the 3 cats/birds. Nintendo has confirmed this with me and it is only in the first 5-10 copies of R/S/E so if you didn't get it when they first came out your only hope now is to cheat (edit by joey254 21/9/09)

Where do you find the Pamtre berry in Pokemon sapphire other then the the Berry Master's wife?

You can get more pamtre berries from firered and leafgreen or by planting the berry in soil and watering it.

Why is the berry master not asking for a password in sapphire?

Try the person next to him.

Where can you get the most berries in Pokemon sapphire?

next to the berry masters house

How come you cannot trade an Enigma Berry from Pokemon Emerald or Ruby to Pokemon Sapphire?

Because Enigma Berries are like a Willy Wonka Gold Ticket. Once you get it you really don't want to give it away. you sapphire game need an BERRY UPGRADE then you can trade it - when you get ur emerlad and sapphire link up, turn ur emerald on and wait until the screen with the press start appear on it the press b, down, and select and follow the instructions