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Could Depo-Provera cause a yeast infection?

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No DEPO cannot cause a yeast infection. Being a Woman causes yeast infections hun. Well, I have to disagree - I have been on depo continously for 20 years - yes I had my 1st shot in 1989 and have come off it 6weeks ago because I keep getting re-current candidas and the gnyo and doctors have come to an agreement that the depo in my system is causing the candidas to use my body as a host. I have had ultrascans, cameras, hormone tests etc etc and they show that my estrogen levels are very low because of the amount of time I have been on depo and as a result I now suffer from vaginal dryness, discomfort and constant yeast infections. I have been told only time will help to heal my body from this poison. I should never have been on this injection as long as 20 years but I have never had any weight problems etc and always had dexa scans every 5 years for my bones - which are completely strong and healthy- I am 36 now and haven;t had periods for a long long time. It is said now that I think you should only stay on depo for a few years max. I am a bit of a guinea pig as I have been on it so long....unless any of you know or have heard of someone on it a bit longer?x

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Can a yeast infection cause PID?

A yeast infection won't cause PID.

Can a yeast infection cause gonorrhea?

A yeast infection can't cause gonorrhea.

Can a yeast infection cause trichomoniasis?

A yeast infection can't cause trich.

Could a yeast infection cause a rash on a penis?


Could a yeast infection cause a pregnacny test to be positive?


Could a yeast infection cause cramps in your lower stomach and legs?

Hello - No a yeast infection will not cause this but a period or a approaching period can and so will a pulled or strained muscle.

Can a yeast infection cause herpes?

No, a yeast infection cannot cause herpes. A yeast infection is an overgrowth of yeast, whereas herpes is a virus, one cannot lead to the other.

Can vaginal yeast infection cause fever?

can a yeast infection cause a low grade fever

Can a yeast infection cause an staph infection?

A yeast infection is caused by a fungus, and staph by a bacterium; but a yeast infection of the skin can cause skin compromise that makes it easier for a staph infection to occur.

Will Erythromycin cure a yeast infection?

No. Erythromycin is one of the cause of yeast infection.

Can penicillin cause a yeast infection?

Yes as it kills the infection the yeast multiplies.

Does a yeast infection cause headache?

Yes, a yeast infection can cause headaches in some people. A doctor can prescribe you medicine to help clear up your yeast infection.

What can cause a white discharge?

It could be a STI or yeast infection. See a doctor.

Can a yeast infection cause swollen lymph nodes?

Yes, a yeast infection can cause your lymph nodes to swell.

Would yogurt cause a yeast infection?

No, yogurt can help get RID of a yeast infection.

Can herpes cause yeast infections?

Herpes can't cause yeast infection, but the symptoms of herpes and yeast infection can be similar. You can have both at the same time.

Can stress cause yeast infection?

Stress may cause yeast infections.

Is a dose of 9 tablets of amoxicillin enough to cure an infection?

I always heard antibiotics cause a yeast infection. Is this true?

Can Yeast infection cause painless bumps around the vagina?

Ask a doctor. I don't think a yeast infection can cause that.

Can ciprofloxacin cure yeast infection and bladder infections?

I'm not sure about a bladder infection but It can cause a yeast infection

Can a yeast infection in a male cause him not to have an erection?

No a yeast infection do not do that. but talking about erections, if you have a yeast infection you should not have sex with another person since you can give it to them.

Can a girl get her period if she has a yeast infection?

Yes. A yeast infection would not cause a girl to miss a period. But a period or pms can cause a PH imbalance which can lead to a yeast infection because when you are menstuating your estrogen and sugar production are at its peak and yeast feeds on sugar, and that can cause a yeast infection so make sure you have good hygiene.

Will a yeast infection cause sterility?


Can Gatorade cause yeast infection?

No it does not.

Can tomatoes cause a yeast infection?