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Could I see a picture of cow's jaw?

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Sure. Why not? I heard pigs could see air.

No a pugs jaw DOES NOT lock. If you are having a dog with this problem you need to see a vet. It could be a simple tooth problem or somethiing genetic tho pugs are NOT given to having jaw issues.

It was to do with the blackout, so the farmer would be able to see his cows more easily when it was blackout. This was because all the lights were off to prevent the Germans being able to pick bombing targets. Because they had no lights at night, the cows were painted white so the farmer could see his cows, but also so people in cars could see the cows when they were near a road, i think. Hope it helps!

cows cant see color red

If you mean can cows see pictures, than yes.

could be TMJ, I have it and my jaw constantly hurts, especially when chewing is when the ears hurt, or TMD look it up see it it matches your symptoms.

i have bad pain in my left ear and the doctor asked me to see a specialist in maxillofacial, as i might have the pain because of my jaw

The rancher could not see his cows, but he could hear them bellowing off in the distance.

You need to see a doctor about your jaw, you may have TMJ which can make it difficult to open your jaw. Also there could be an infection or other more serious condition going on, so see your doctor as soon as possible.

Yes cows do see at night they are like all animals.

To touch cows on moshi monsters go to sludge street. Go all the way to the left, when you see the FOR RENT building look to the right of it. There you will see two cows and click them as much times as you want. Add me arielhearts52012.

you could find it in a picture book about extinct animals

I would have a fighting chance of answering if I could see the picture.

You could use tin eye, a site that you can upload a picture to, and it will see if that picture exists somewhere else on the web.

You could probably only see them with diagrams, unless the person models it to you.

The cows have thin hair that lets them see through it.

No. Bulls and cows see things the same way as the other.

You could go on graphing pictures and you will see all kinds of pictures you could do.


I suppose I could, if I wanted to. Why would I want to?

cows are not human but we are all animals. cows and ourselves both walk,eat,drink and see

I suppose your neighbor could legally take a picture if he can see the contents of your garage from the street or from his property. If your garage is an eyesore to the neighborhood, he could use a picture as evidence to report you.

It's a disease called TMJ see your orthodontist about it as it can result in a dislocated Jaw

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