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Theoritically speaking the answer is yes. Although conditions would have to be comletely perfect, the mosquitos would have had to have fed muinutes before being traped in amber, besides extracting DNA is nearly impossible to do without scattering genes( i know this because it was our seventh grade project to extract DNA from Peas and strawberries) it would be easier to combine DNA of living animals to form creatures that look like "dinosaurs" of course they would be classified as birds, lizards, and tuatras A I don't think it could and it's probably cos i tell myself every night that a dinosaurs not gonna come into my bedroom. Jurassic Park is fictional the author said that it's totally fictional and he made it up.

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Q: Could Jurassic Park ever happen
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Is Jurassic Park a good movie?

It is the best movie ever!!!!!

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no Yes it will come out but no one knows when.But it might come out sometime in 2012.It was also said that Jurassic Park 4 will be the begging of a new series and that in 2014 Jurassic Park 5 will come out and in 2015 Jurassic Park 6 will come out

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No. There is no evidence there will ever be a TV show based on Jurassic Park, although some people did say the short lived FOX series, Terra Nova was reminiscent of Jurassic Park due to Spielberg's influence.

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Steven Spielburg has confirmed that one will be released on June 12, 2015- it is now titled "Jurassic World".

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Why can't people make a Jurassic Park?

In the movie the scientists required viable dinosaur DNA to clone the creatures from. In reality no viable DNA has been ever been discovered and given that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago it is unlikely that there will ever be a Jurassic Park

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Is there a movie Jurassic Park iv?

The movie is likely to come out ranging from 2012-2013 and yes it is supposed to be the best JURASSIC PARK to be made. Also Steven Spielberg isn't too sure but the movie thought is still on his mind it's definitely not a dead idea. Expect it to be better then ever before !

When will Jurassic Park 4 come out?

Jurassic Park 4 is still in production and as of yet does not have a definite release date. There has been speculation that is should be released within the next two years, maybe sooner. Jurrasic Park 4 was rumoured to be released in 2008, but never was. Honestly, I don't think that there will ever be one, but if there is I'm not sure it will be released in cinemas, perhaps only DVDs. However even if there isn't a Jurrasic Park 4 coming out you can still by the Jurrasic Park trilogy on DVD in good stockists such as Tesco, HMV and ASDA. You may also still be able to rent it from your local library (I know you can from Suffolk Libraries), perhaps not the whole trilogy. I'm also sure you can still rent it from stores such as Blockbusters. tell me this then. if there may never be a Jurassic park 4 then why is it rumord that in 2013 there is a Jurassic park 5, and in 2014 a Jurassic park 6. well the thing is Jurassic park 4 has been in something people like to call development hell where people have been pushing it off to a later date.. now the actors are starting to work on the movie and it will be out in 2012

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