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Could Mario beat bowser in real life?

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Yes it is possible that Mario could beat Bowser in real life if they were real. Mario and Bowser have appeared in numerous Super Mario Brothers Video Games.

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How good are you at Super Smash Bros. melee?

Stinking amazing, unbeatable with roy and mario, I can beat giga bowser without losing a songle life!Stinking amazing, unbeatable with roy and mario, I can beat giga bowser without losing a songle life!

How do you beat super sized Bowser in the super sized Mario game?

You can't touch im or he will either make you power down or lose life points.

How much life does bowser memory Mario and luigi have in Mario and luigi bowsers inside story?


Will they ever bring back mama Luigi from supermariologan?

Yes because bowser gives mario some of his powers so he could fight bowser and after bowser died mario brought mama luigi back to life but then mario never saw mama luigi from the future because he had to go to the past mama luigi and make sure he died instead of mama luigi

How do you beat bowser on luigies mansion for GameCube?

You beat bowser( or king boo) by when bowser blows black spikes that explodes that comes from bowser's mouth and you vaccum one and when it flashes red then throw it to bowser and king boo will come out and just take king boo's life and keep getting black spikes until you vaccum all his lifes

How do you beat the blue dry bones on Mario super sluggers?

You Get A Life

What do you do after you beat the shining light level in super Mario sunshine?

Go get a life

How do you beat the game in paper Mario sticker star?

You dont, go get a life.

How do you get bowser in Super Smash Flash 2 demo vo9?

kill mario using sonic 1 time without loosing your 1 life.

Who is super Mario?

Mario can be called Super Mario or Mario. Mario is actually a real person in life. In video games Mario is a plummber and saves Princess Peach/Toadstoll from Bowser jr. or Bowser. Mario has a brother Luigi, both of Luigi and Mario are known as the Super Mario Bros. Together Luigi and Mario save people and apear in many, many DS, Wii, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo,3DS, Wii U games. One day Wario and Yoshi came along and joined them in the journeys and came up with a game called Mario party. Then again Mario is a very strong person. He can kill bowser, goomba's, whomps, bom-om's, and many other things even though some come back even when mario kills them.

What is mario's biggest price for defeating bowser?

Mario's biggest price for defeating Bowser is his life. Princess Peach is Mario's great reward for defeating Bowser.

How do you beat brobot in super paper mario?

Get all the candy you can because robot has 255 life points.

Will bowser ever stop capturing princess peach?

One opinion is that Bowser will never stop capturing Princess Peach because that's his only evil objective in life and he also wants to do something that will hurt Mario in some way however another opinion is that he will stop capturing Peach once he finds someone else that is closer to Mario than Peach is.

Who is clawdia koopa?

clawdia koopa asked bowser to kill her to save her life. Well, hold on a minute, what was happening that made bowser kill her? What situation was she in?

How do you beat the cactus in super Mario world?

use fire ball ,JUMBO MUSHRUM, or just use shell Mariothere is an earier way just jump overit if you cant do that you lose a life

What has the author Sam E Bowser written?

Sam E. Bowser has written: 'Roses of the ledge way' -- subject(s): Christian life, Methodist authors

If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life what should it be?

i would probaly pick Mario galaxy or Mario kart wii

IF YOU could have only one Nintendo game for the rest of your life what would it be?

Super Mario 64.

What happens when you have 1 life left in super Mario 64 ds?

If the display shows Mario's life count is at one then he only has two more lives left. If this sounds confusing then think of the life count as the "extra life" count and when it is at 0, Mario is on his last life. You could also think of it as the number of 1-Up Mushrooms Mario has in his (surprisingly spacious) pocket and when it is at 0, Mario has no more 1-Up Mushrooms to revive himself with.

How do you beat browser in the fate of the universe?

How to beat Bowser on: The Fate of the UniverseFirst, to get past the checkered platforms, you will find that jumping on every step will be helpful, and if you do that, you will have enough time to get the life and 1-up mushrooms.When you are at the first planet, when Bowser is done sending shockwaves, he will turn into a rock like in Honeyhive Galaxy. Spin Bowser's head to make him spin on his shell. Repeat that once to move on to the second planet.In the second planet Bowser does not turn into a rock, he turns into something along the lines of a spiny. When Bowser is sending shockwaves again, check if he is near a green plant. If he is, spin the green plant so he will spin on his shell. Repeat this once again to go to the final planet.In the final planet, Bowser tries to ground-pound you, so lead his shadow on a blue area then spin him when his tail is red. Do that twice and collect the grand star.

How can you be master hand in Super Smash Bros. melee?

You must Be Bowser on Very hard And you must have 1 Life,Win against Master hand then you don't shoot any names on the endiung Then you Must challeng him again If you beat him You Get him :)

What is the story line in Mario Party 8?

In the game Mario Party 8 the Star Carnival comes to town. The player is challenged to win a Star Battle. If you win you earn a life times supply of candy and the Star Rod. At the end of the battle Bowser comes and steals the Star Rod. You must defeat him to win the Star Battle.

In Super Smash Bros melee how do you face giga bowser?

There are two ways to face him: 1. Event 51, although both Mewtwo and Ganondorf will aid him. Good luck. 2. In adventure mode, use medium level and don't lose a life or use a continue. After you beat regular Bowser in the end, Giga Bowser will appear afterwards. Lose all your lives here, you won't get a second chance and you'll have to start all over again. If you manage to succeed, you'll earn his trophy in to your collection.

Who is Mortophelus?

Mortophelus is the father of Bowser Koopa. He was close to controlling all of the Mushroom World until his defeat, and what was thought to have been his death. But he returned years later, for he had only been sealed within an entity of darkness. Upon his return he gathered a large army and a select group of followers, and was close to destroying all life in every existing universe. But he was stopped by Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser and Gemnosis Flint, who gave his life (Among many others) in order to defeat him.

How do you beat cortez on paper Mario with 1 life?

To defeat Cortez with 1 HP, you must superguard (press the B button at the instant of damage). every time you are attacked.