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yes he sure could be

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โˆ™ 2011-06-16 17:34:45
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Q: Could Meta Knight be Kirby's godfather?
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Is meta knight Kirbys father?

well, in Kirby right back at ya, meta knight somehow knows so much about Kirby. we also know that meta knight is part of the same species Kirby is in. Meta knight could be at least related to Kirby, but you never know...

Is Meta Knight Kirby's godfather?


Can Kirby survive when he is lost?

yes when meta knight can hear kirbys yelling of death meta knight will save kirby from all of that death he went thrugh

Who are Kirbys enemies?

Meta Knight Dark Matter King DeDEde and Whispy Woods and Galacta Knight are Kirbys enemies. Bandana Dee Gooey Prince Fluff Dyna Blade and Adeline are his friends.

Can you list the characters that Nintendo made plush toys for?

Yoshi Lots of Kirbys Mario Luigi Sorry,I only know those and there's meta knight.

What are all the bosses names in kirbys epic yarn?

fangora hot wings squashini capamari king Dedede meta knight yin-yarn and mega yin-yarn

Who wins sonic or meta knight?

Meta knight

Who is stronger Meta Knight or King Dedede?

meta knight. .

Could Meta Knight defeat Marx?

Of course if you have skill

Who is Stronger- Meta Knight or Kirby?

Meta Knight is a lot stronger than Kirby. Kirby doesn't have wings, a sword, a dimensional cape, or the ability to teleport or make tornados.Also, Meta Knight is faster than Kirby and could dodge Kirby's attacks and get away with attacks without retaliation.Meta Knight also has a mask, protecting his whole body.

Are Kirby and Meta Knight friends?

No wat there enemies In the TV Series, Kirby and Meta Knight could be rivals one instance, and sometimes allies in another instance.

What is the best way to train with meta knight on brawl?

Fight another meta knight

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