Periods while Pregnant

Could Shorter Periods Mean Im Pregnant?

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No, if you are having a period you are most likely not pregnant. It could be an indication of weight gain, extra excersise or stress.

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When your menstruation doesnt come the normal days and its come 3 days instead of 5 days does it mean that you are pregnant?

No it does not mean that you are pregnant. sometimes your periods are just shorter.

Do long periods mean your pregnant?

No. If you are having periods, you are not pregnant.

What does it mean when your periods is just spoting?

It could mean your period will her heavily or u can or may be pregnant

Your boyfriend came inside you for a whole month does this mean you could be pregnant?

If you have had periods and have been having unprotected sex - then you certainly could be pregnant.

Do irregular periods mean infertility?

While irregular periods could be a symptom of infertility, it does not mean one will definitely not be able to become pregnant. Irregular periods could be symptoms of many other conditions or could be normal in some cases.

What does it mean when your stomach is hard at the top you havent had your periods in months?

I would see your GP about this as it could mean you are pregnant but it could mean a number of other things.

If you have a contraceptive implant in your arm and are getting false periods could this mean you are pregnant?

No. The implant can have different affects on women. In some cases causing irregular bleeding. This does not mean you are pregnant.

Does spotting or prolonged periods or missed periods mean Im pregnant?


It is useful in girls periods?

That depends what you mean but if a couple have sex and the woman is ovulating (on her period) she could become pregnant.

Could I be pregnant I have been having my periods but on this last one i have light pink blood when i wip and spotting what does this mean?

Yes, you might be pregnant - take a test

What does light bleeding before menstruation mean?

It could mean you are pregnant, have irregular periods, hormonal imbalance or you have had a light and early period this month for no reason.

If we get our periods then does it mean that we are not pregnant?

Usually but not necessarily. Some women can have one or two periods after they become pregnant but it is somewhat rare. The best way to see if you are pregnant is to get a test.

Will photosynthesis be affected by shorter periods of daylight?

Yes, photosynthesis uses light to work, shorter days mean less light.

If you have irregular periods could you still be pregnant if you felt some of them symptoms of pregnancy during that month?

yeah, but it doesnt mean u are

Is it normal to have light bleeding a week after a missed period or could it mean your pregnant?


What could it mean if your period is alot lighter and shorter than normal?

It might me just a difference periods can do alot of things but it may be because your underweight or not eating probably.

Would nausea lighter periods breast enlargement weight gain in the front and feelings like kicking mean you could be pregnant if you feel like you're pregnant too?

You could definitely be pregnant, but don't take our words for it. Go see a doctor soon.

You have spotting 10 days before period is due what could the problem be?

Could mean your pregnant that’s what first comes to mind but it could be any number of things or just nothing a lot of woman and I mean a lot have irregular periods

I got your periods after 40 days but it is not like the usual periods does this mean you are pregnant?

You should ask a doctor. I do not know. Sorry.

Does two periods mean pregnancy?

No. When a woman becomes pregnant, she will not have a period anymore.

If you start you period then stop does it mean you pregnant?

No, it could mean that your body is stressed out because of a situation that your going through or birth control could also shorten/ stop your periods. If you suspect that you maybe pregnant take a pregnancy test if it turns out negative and you still suspect that you may be pregnant then wait a week or two and take another test.

Does having irregular periods and havet to take hormone pills or birth control to start it mean you cant have children?

No. If you get periods, you can get pregnant.

Does a closed cervix mean you are pregnant?

Yes it could mean that you are pregnant but it could also mean that you are going to get your period. If you think you are pregnant, the true way to tell is to take a HPT.

If a women is not having her periods does it mean she is pregnant?

no sometimes your body just likes a break

What does it mean to have period one day and that's it are you pregnant?

Yes. If your pregnant only lasts one day you are pregnant. Periods have to last a minimum of two days.