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Could a 20-year-old face criminal charges for impregnating a 17-year-old in Wisconsin?

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He SHOULD be prosecuted for having sex with a minor child. Sexual perversions of that type are serious crimes. * The age of consent for the state has been revised to 16. Therefore criminal charges would not apply in such a case as Wisconsin does not have a age descrepancy law that pertains to sexual relationships and the AOC. Wisconsin is the only US state which will allow a minor to be legally emancipated due to a pregnancy.

2006-09-12 16:10:14
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How to get a Wisconsin criminal pardons?

Apply to the governor.

How can you clear your criminal felony record in Wisconsin?

Here is the weblink concerning expungement in Wisconsin.

What has the author K Richard Olson written?

K. Richard Olson has written: 'Wisconsin criminal code with annotated elements' -- subject(s): Criminal law

What has the author L Michael Tobin written?

L. Michael Tobin has written: 'Wisconsin criminal defense manual' -- subject(s): Defense (Criminal procedure)

Can you expunge a felony in Wisconsin?

If you qualify it is possible to expunge some state criminal felonies in WIsconsin. See below link: However if you were convicted in Wisconsin of a FEDERAL offense, you are out of luck. State authorities cannot expunge a federal charge.

How long does a restraining order stay on your background in Wisconsin?

If no criminal charges accompanied the incident that brought about the restraining order, there will be no record of it on your criminal history. However, if there was a criminal incident connected with it (e.g.: assault or battery - etc), THAT offense will remain on your adult criminal history record.

How long does a possession of marijuana charge stay on your record in Wisconsin?

A drug conviction in Wisconsin never is taken off the a criminal record. Generally, an employer can find a conviction if he or she digs enough.

Could a 20-year-old face criminal charges for impregnating a 17-year-old in Utah?

No, 17 year olds are allowed to have sex with anyone between the ages of 16 and 27.

What is the age of consent in Wisconsin?

Under Wisconsin law, the age of consent is 18. Consensual sexual contact with a person 16 or 17 years of age is a “criminal offense."

In Wisconsin what is the difference between an arrest warrant and a criminal warrant?

An arrest warrant can be issued for something such as an FTA (failure to appear in court), a criminal arrest warrant is issued for an individual who has been charged with a criminal offense, even so they are both basically the same.

Age of majority Wisconsin?

The age of majority in Wisconsin is 18. Until that point they are considered a minor for legal situations, though the criminal law can look at them as adults for purposed of committing crimes. And their parents remain responsible for them.

How long do possession charges stay on your record in Wisconsin?

If it occurred after your 18th birthday they will be a permanent part of your adult criminal history record.

How long do misdemeanors stay public record in Wisconsin?

If it was committed after your 18th birthday, it is a permanent part of your adult criminal history record.

Could a 18 year old boy face criminal charges for impregnating a 14 year old girl in Colorado?

Uhyeah the 14yr old is a minor....thats rape pratically Yes this is technically statutory rape and he could face the law as a felon

Is a DUI a criminal conviction in Michigan?

It can be depending on the number of offenses. In Wisconsin every DUI (OWI) conviction after the 1st one is considered a crime.

What is the legal age of consent in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has set the age of consent as 18 years old. As long as both parties are 18 or over, there is no criminal issue. If either or both are under the age, charges at some level could be brought.

How long does a felony charge stay on your record in the state of Wisconsin?

If you were charged after you became an adult the charge becomes a permanent part of your criminal history record.

Is drunk driving a criminal offense?

In most states, yes. One exception would be Wisconsin, where the first offense of drunk driving is a civil forfeiture.

How long does a felony show up on your criminal record in Wisconsin?

Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, criminal records are a permanent party of your history. They are not like drivers license points and do not 'go away' after a certain length of time.

Where can one find criminal case lawyers in Wisconsin?

There is a website called Findlaw where you can find a criminal defense attorney in your city and state. You can even write down any phone numbers you see advertised on television. Many attorneys advertise on television.

How many years will a misdemeanor show up on an employee background check in Wisconsin?

If the offense/charge occurred after your 18th birthday, it will always appear on your criminal record.

How do you remove a felony from your criminal record in Wisconsin?

See the below link. The law is quite specific and does not offer much hope. If you are convicted federal felon it does not apply.

Can you have a 17-year-old runaway move into your home in Wisconsin?

Generally an adult who harbors a "runaway" or absentee minor without notifying the minor's parents, guardian and/or authorities is committing a criminal offense, and can face both criminal and civil penalties in accordance with the laws of the state. However, Wisconsin law defines what constitutes emancipation of a minor in several ways, therefore, it is not likely criminal charges would be valid. The parents or guardian of said minor could have grounds for civil litigation if they chose to take such action.

How long does a class B misdemeanor in Wisconsin stay on your record?

Your criminal record is permanent unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, at which time it will become sealed to the general public.

How do first time felony drug offenders obtain grants and scholarships in Wisconsin?

i don't think anyone can if they have been charged with a criminal offense, including drugs. grants are given by the federal goverment.