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Absolutely, broken belts throw off the balance of the wheel. Look for buldges or indentations in the tire. If the vibration is felt in the steering wheel, it is probably a front tire. If the vibration is felt in the seat, it is probably in a rear tire. Most manufacturers will pro-rate a replacement tire for the manufactured defect. Cut tires, curbed tires, under-over inflation wear could also effect the warranty. Vibrations could also be caused by other mechanical defects: lost wheel weight, bad wheel bearing, bad ball jounts, bad shocks, sticking brakes, etc. Rotate the front tires to the rear, if the vibration changes in the steering wheel, then chances are the problem is in the wheel/tire.

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Could a broken tire belt cause my car to vibrate after a accident?


What could cause your car to jump timing?

Timing chain or belt is broken

How do you know if your fan belt is broken?

If your engine is overheating rapidly it could be because your fan belt is broken If the fan belt is broken, your car will over heat.

What can be done about a broken tire belt?

If your car or vehicle has a broken tire belt you need to replace it. This broken item can cause a very bad accident.

What would cause the front dirver's side tire of my 2002 Dodge Stratus RT to vibrate at high speeds aligment balance tire and breaks good?

broken belt in the tire, uneven wear

Would a bad water pump cause the tensioner to vibrate loose pulling the alternator belt off in a front wheel drive '87 Pontiac Grand Am 2.5l?

It could cause it. It could be something else though. It could also be a worn-out tensioner.

If you have no sparkno fuel pressure and no injector pulse on 1995 lumina van what could cause this?

Could be a broken timing belt or a bad Engine Control Module.

What causes your 1991 Buick Park Avenue to vibrate?

My personal experience was a tire with a broken belt. There are other reasons but your description is vague.

Can a fan belt that is too tight cause a broken fan clutch?


What causes a broken tire belt?

A broken belt in your tire can be caused by several different things. The most common cause is hitting a pothole or a solid object in the roadway.

Would a broken serpentine belt cause a power steering fluid leak?


Will a car start if a belt is broken?

It will start if any belt is broken except the cam belt. If the cam belt is broken it will not start.

Could the serpentine belt cause the ac not to work?

Not unless it was broken and not operating the system, you would have other issues other than ac trouble if that were the case.

What would cause a car to vibrate violently the faster you go the more it vibrates?

tires. possible 1 or more has belt separation

What can cause Power steering failure on vauxhall zafira?

On mine it was a broken serpentine belt

If a dishwasher hums but the motor will not run What is the probable cause?

Motor is locked up unless it is belt driven. In that case the belt can be broken.

What make a 93 corolla to vibrate?

It could be due to bad engine mounts, wheels out of balance or tires that have slipped a belt.

How does the timing belt affect a civic's performance?

A belt that has jumped a tooth will cause the engine to be out of time. This will adversely effect performance and mileage. A broken belt will cause engine damage as this is an interference engine. Replace the belt every 80,000 miles at a minimum.

What could cause noise on a 2000 impala serpentine belt pulley?

The belt is slipping.

Chevrolet pickup thumping sound in front end?

It could be a broken belt on front tires it could also be broken eng mount.need more info.markstang.

Should you replace a tire that has a flat spot but still has a lot of tread?

YES you will, the tire will cotinue to wear out of round and cause the vehical to vibrate or shake. Replace ASAP Answer #2 Good answer. It could possibly be a bad belt which can cause all kind of unsafe problems.

Could a broken cam belt on a ford fiesta encore 1.8 diesal have bent the valves?

IF the cam belt had gone while you was driving or started while broken then yes is would

Would slow puncture cause steering wheel wobble?

you could have a broken steel belt in one of your tires, that happened to me. I had a tear in my right tire that caused that in my 91 Roadmaster.

Could an inner tie rod end cause a car to shake at highway speeds?

Yes. So could a broken belt in your tire, a tire out of balance, loose lug nuts, bad CV joint.

Why 1995 mercury mystique no spark?

could be the coil pack but did u check the timing belt .does it spin real fast, belt could be broken thus no spark

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