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No men are not equipped to become pregnant.

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Can a guy get another guy pregnant?

No. Human males do not have the ability to become pregnant.

Why does it look worst on a girl to sleep around then a guy to?

It comes from the time when girls could get pregnant and burden the family with another mouth to feed.

Can a small guy get a fat girl pregnant?

Yes. It doesn't matter what weight you are, if a guy has sex with a girl she could get pregnant if the timing is right.

Could you be pregnant so soon after a miscarriage?

Have your doctor do another quantitative hCG - but if you haven't had another period it sounds like you could be pregnant.

You went with a guy 14 days after your period and a another guy 18 days after your period you are now pregnant who is the farther?

It could be either to be honest.....the only way to find out will be a paternity test after the baby is born

Can bisexual guys have babies?

Guys can never have babies despite what you may hear in the media; so a guy can not get another guy pregnant. Bisexual means the guy likes both guys and girls and he can get the girl pregnant.

Two weeks late negative blood test could you still be pregnant when could you find out?

Yes you could still be pregnant. Wait another two weeks and get another test done

Can a guy make his mom pregnant?

Yes, he could, though it would be illegal.

If some guy did transsexual operations could a guy get pregnant?

A person who is born biologically male cannot get pregnant. During a sex change operation, a vagina is created, but the person will not have a uterus or a period, so they cannot get pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if a guy came inside of you a week before you start your period?

you could be pregnant at anytime if a guy came inside of you without protection but is more likely to happen if youre ovulating, unless you dont have a uterus or ovaries

Can you get pregnant if a guy pees in side of you?

If he had any pre-come or semen on him at the time, then yes, there is always a chance that you could get pregnant. If not, then i doubt you could get pregnant. Be careful of any sexually transmitted diseases though! =)

Could a guy have symptoms when a girl is pregnant?

yes they canYes they can have symptoms. In fact they could have all the symptoms and you won't.

Could you be pregnant if you take your birth control correctly but miss a period?

Yes sometimes you can get pregnant it depends on how often you have sex with a guy

Why could your brests be enlarging and you have missed a period?

You might be pregnant. Or it could be another hormonal change.

What is another term for a calf in gestation?

This could be pregnant, or in calf. By the way, its cows that are only pregnant, it is physically impossible for calves (as they are babies) to get pregnant.

Can a virgin get pregnant when a guy is trying to push himself into the girl but doesn't go in?

answer:yes actually you can get pregnant by pre ejaculation all it has to do is drip into you and devolop and you could easily get pregnant.

What happens if a guy pre-cums and pulls out?

The girl gets pregnant and another idiot is born.

Can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm?

can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm

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