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It may be an absess. See a dentist because you can get sick from an absess.

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Q: Could a lump on the gums that swells and retreats from time to time be cancer?
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How does chewing tobacco affect the mouth?

you can get tumors and cancer on your tongue and gums. they can surgically remove your tongue, the muscles in your neck, and parts of your gums if the cancer spreads far enough.

Could you have cancer if your dentist wants to do a biopsy on your gums because they have a purple color to them and it is spreading?

Oral cancers look more like ulcers, or even white plaques. It is less usual for an oral cancer to be on the gums and to have a purple colour. See the Related Links for "Oral Cancers" to the bottom for the answer.

What are The symptoms of cancer of the gum tissue?

The symptoms are Bleeding teeth, or pain in the gums.

Does dip cause cancer?

yes it does. all over your lips/gums/tongue.

What vitamins are good for teeth and gums?

L-Lysine! cures my cancer sores

Is nosebleed a symptom of cancer?

Any cancer or cancer treatment that changes the vicosity of your blood can result in "nose bleeds", internal bleeding, and bleeding from your gums.

You have these slimy strings coming from the inside of your mouth and your gums are swollen an sensative what could this be?

It is cancer of the saliva glands. The cancer cells are progressing to the third stage and the saliva has turned into what appears to be strings. The strings are actually cancerous growths being excreted from the glands under the tounge and between the gums and teeth. You probably also have small pin sized holes in your teeth as part of the cancer.

What could be some of the causes of swollen gums?

If you are suffering from swollen gums more than likely it is because of poor oral health. Poor oral health care can lead to gum disease or even oral cancer. On the other hand, you could be suffering from swollen gums due to minor injuries or high intake of sugary foods. If your condition worsens, see your doctor at once.

What is the health consequence for teens who use tobacco?

anything from black gums to lung cancer

What is the longterm effects for tobacco?

lung disease/cancer, heart disease, swollen gums

What are three places where smokeless tobacco causes cancer?

gums tongue .. not sure where else ..

How do i know i have Cancer?

Excess swelling of the lips or gums. Irregular lumps in the mouth. Unexplained excessive bleeding of the gums. Discolored patches or spots on the inside of the mouth.

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