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No this is most likely a sign of a yeast or basterial infection of even a STD. See your doctor for a vaginal SWAB test.

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Q: Could a swollen tender sensation around the genitals be a sign of early pregnancy?
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Are sore swollen breasts with tingling nipples and dark circles around the nipple itself an early sign of pregnancy?


You feel numbness around your belly button Is this a normal pregnancy sensation?

no this means you have cancer Yes, it is totally normal during pregnancy. It does not indicate cancer and I can't believe this site left that response.

What are signs of a woman having herpes?

With genital herpes women would feel itching, burning and or tingling symptoms occuring around their genitals, swollen genitals, burning and or trouble when urinating. A typical break out can look like raised blisters or open paper cut like sores on the genitals. With an initial break out there are often flu like symptoms with muscle pains and fever.

What is the earliest sign of pregnancy and how early can it be?

Your first sign of pregnancy will most likely be (aside from a missed period) tender and swollen breasts. You can start seeing pregnancy symptoms around the week of your expected period or 1-2 weeks after your expected period.

What are the symptoms for hsv?

The main symptom of HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) are small blisters (which may break open and produce painful sores) around genitals and the surrounding areas (like the buttocks, thighs, and rarely, inside the urethra). Other symptoms are cracked/raw/red areas around genitals, pain from urine coming in contact with sores, fever, swollen glands, fatigue, backache, and headache.

Can you get pimples around your genitals?

that's not pimples

What are some signs of a throat infection?

A throat infection can cause many symptoms, including swollen glands around the throat, a tender or raw feeling inside the throat, a tickling or hot sensation in the throat, or hoarseness.

What does pubic hair mean?

Hair around your genitals

Does herpes cause burning in a woman when she urine?

Yes. Herpes can cause a burning sensation in women when urinating. This is usually caused by the urine running over sores around the genitals that is also another symptom of herpes. The burning can also happen to men.

What is parapreputial?

The area around the prepuce, which is the flap of skin covering the genitals.

What is the swollen band around the earthworm called?


Which sudoriferous glands are larger and are found in the axillae and around the genitals?

Apocrine glands

Why is part of a fleece left on a sheep which has been sheared?

The bit around the genitals

Why do I feel a warm sensation around my ovaries?

A warm sensation around the ovaries could result from an ovarian cyst or other causes. The only way to know the cause is to go to a doctor.

What causes swollen lymph nodes around the breast area?

what kind of infection can cause a swollen lymph node in the left breast

What stage in pregnancy for guinea pigs can you see the babies moving around?

At around 42 days into the pregnancy

Is pubic hair the hair on your balls?

Yes, it is short hair that grows around the genitals.

How do you clean matted hair around the rabbits genitals?

Take it to the Veterinarian. To get its hair trimmed.

Allergys around the mouth?

red bumps and swollen mouth in the morning

I'm 3 months and 2 weeks now when can i accept to know what I'm having?

From 12 or 13 weeks of pregnancy the fetus' genitals develop. However at that stage it might not be seen in an ultrasound. around 15 weeks onwards they can tell and i think they are 99% accurate.

What does pendeho mean?

A hair below your belt but above your knees, usually in a mass around your genitals.

Where are apocrine sweat glands found?

Armpit (axilla) and in the pigment skin areas around the genitals.

Your boyfriend and you fooled around there was no intercourse however there was genital contact are you at risk of pregnancy?

There will always be a chance if you make contact with the genitals because the male could leak pre-sperm onto the vagina which could enter and travel up. It is highly unlikely but you shouldn't rule it out completely.

What do you do when you have a swollen pinky finger?

I have a swollen pinky and first of all if u can't bend it then you have to go to the emergency room so they can put something around it! Next for the people that's swollen and can bend a little then you need someone to a least massage it!

Is it normal to get spots around genital area?

No. You had better see a doctor. Spots around your genitals sound like you got something unhealthy.