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it could but even when your adopted you wonder who are my real parents are my parents alive who am I really? I am adopted so I know

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โˆ™ 2016-03-23 16:14:07
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Q: Could adopted children Saves them from a lifetime of wondering?
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What celebrity has adopted the most children?

It could be Mia Farrow as she has 13 children. Of which 11 are adopted 11and of which 2 have passed away. She has 4 biological children.

Could Barbara stanwyck have children?

Unable to have children. Adopted a 'son' Anthony Dion

Could Walt Disney have children?

He had two daughters: Diane and Sharon. Sharon was adopted.

Did Ella Fitzgerald Have Any Children?

I think ella Fitzgerald had children because when you go to her website it says she loves pending time with ray brown and her granddaughter Alice. Ella Fitzgerald had one adopted son. She could not have children, so she adopted her sister's last-born child.

If the parents rights are terminated and the children adopted what are the grandparents rights?

If the child was adopted the grand parents have no rights. It would be up to the adoptive parents whether any relationship could be maintained.

Can your cousin legally become your sister?

Your cousin could legally become your step-sister. Your cousin could legally become your sister if she were adopted by your mother or father. This is because by law persons adopted by others are considered children of the adopting persons.

What are some websites that you can search for your adopted children?

the websites that children could adoupt in are:planet cazmo fantage club penquien barbie girl adoupt guffins and moshi monsters

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wish i could help you im wondering the same wish i could help you im wondering the same

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lifetime and lifetime movie network

Could the sun explode or burn out?

Probably not. Eventually it will, but that won't be in your lifetime, your kids lifetime, their kids lifetime, their kids lifetime, and so on. So again, probably not...

How do you get two mothers?

you could be adopted

Do wondering and pondering mean the same thing?

Pretty close. Wondering has to have a specific object that you are wondering about. Pondering usually does too, but one could ponder generally without pondering about something.

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