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Try "The German Army 1933-1945" by Matthew Cooper.

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Q: Could anybody recommend a book that explains the military structure of the Wehrmacht before and during the second world war?
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This phrase explains the authority the president has over the military?

The phrase "commander in chief" is a title which explains the supreme role that a president plays in the military. They have a special command and control over what goes on in the military.

Who has the largest military force in the world?

During world war 2 their was 2 big Armed Military forces, their are the Wehrmacht and the Red Army. The Wehrmacht was the Nazi German Army and it Belongs to Nazi Germany. The Red Army was a military force which belong to the Soviet Union aka USSR. The Wehrmacht had 20 million soldiers in it's disposal and they were trained to be an armed war machine. The Red Army had 5.5 million soldiers in it disposal and they were skilled soldiers in tank warfare but not in infantry warfare.

What did Hitler call his troops?

From 1935-1945, the German military was known as the Wehrmacht (German, lit; Defense Force).

What has the author Fred Koch written?

Fred Koch has written: 'Kettenschlepper der Wehrmacht 1939-1945' -- subject(s): Germany, Germany. Wehrmacht, Military Vehicles, Tank warfare, Tanks (Military science), Tracklaying vehicles, Transportation, Vehicles, Military, World War, 1939-1945 'Beutepanzer im Ersten Weltkrieg' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Tanks (Military science), Tank warfare 'Russian Tanks and Armored Vehicles'

Did the military support Hitler?

Some did, some didn't. The further the war progressed, the more the Wehrmacht realized that the war was out the of the control of the military and was largely given to the the Nazi party. Interestingly, discontent with the politicization of the war is directly related to several attempts on Hitler's life.This is a gross over simplification of the answer to the question. If you are asking, you should spend an afternoon reading the history of the Wehrmacht and it's relationship with the Nazis.

What was Germany's built up forces known as?

I'm guessing this is a military question. The German Military is, and has been for a long time, known as the Wehrmacht (German speakers, please check spelling). I don't know that they have particularly increased their strength, of late.

What is the oldest military rank structure?


Who was in charge of the SS army?

During the Nazi control of Germany, it was Heinrich Himmler. Military divisions of the SS were operationally under the command of the Wehrmacht's army commanders.

Military line of authority and structure?

chain of command

Which British Church has a military structure including uniforms?

The Salvation Army has a military structure and its members wear uniforms. It was founded by William and Catherine Booth in 1865 as the "Christian Mission".

What army was Adolf Hitler the leader of?

The only army/paramilitary force that swore fealty to Hitler was the SS or Schutzstaffel. This was formed as the SA, or Sturmabteilung (also known as the stormtroopers) swore fealty to the NSDAP (Nazi Party), and the Wehrmacht (the German Military) was not a Nazi organization and swore loyalty to Germany -- Hitler knew that the Wehrmacht would overthrow him otherwise.

What were the Nazi soldiers training like?

The German military as a whole was very well trained and very well disciplined. The Wehrmacht and Schutzstaffel were among the best trained soldiers in the world at that time.

What has the author Fritz Schnell written?

Fritz Schnell has written: 'Volk und Wehrmacht' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Civil-military relations, Armed Forces

What explains how Persia became a classical civilization?

By expanding its military and cultural influence over an entire region - Apex

Which structure served as a military fort within a mission?


What documents provide structure for the discipline of a soldier?

The uniform code of military justice provides structure for the discipline of a solider.

What document provides structure for the discipline for soldiers?

The uniform code of military justice provides structure for the discipline of a solider.

Where can I purchase military free tax software?

You can use Turbo Tax, TaxSlayer, and Military OneSource. I recommend using Military OneSource first. If you don't like Military OneSource, use Turbo Tax, and then TaxSlayer.

Can a female soldier wear her uniform to her military wedding?

She could, but I don't recommend it!

What military was used in world war 2?

Numerous military branches were used in World War 2. For Britain you had the British Army and the RAF. For Germany you had the wehrmacht and Waffen SS. For the USSR, you had the Red Army. For the American,you mainly had the Navy with the US Military itself. There are numerous sub branches like the Marines, Navy, Tank Corps and the air forces.

Can you help me find a military school for a troubled young boy?

Have a look at They can recommend a local military school for troubled youths.

Who was in charge of the german army in world war 2?

Hitler was in overall command of all military forces but relied heavily upon the OKW , Oberkommando der Wehrmacht , to carry out his miltary objectives . ~ see link .

What is the military definition of obstacles?

an obstacle is any item or structure that blocks your path

What are the gangster disciples ranks?

The Gangster Disciples use a Military ranking structure.

Where can you find someones military record who served in Vietnam?

Recommend researching: The American War Library.