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Could bigger areolas and your breasts feeling heavier be early signs of pregnancy?


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2015-07-15 21:37:17
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These could be early signs of pregnancy but they are also signs of premenstrual symptoms. So unless you have missed your period, I wouldn't count on breast changes as proof positive that you are pregnant.


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No, this is a myth. The size and shape of the breasts can be affected by pregnancy, but they are also affected by your weight, the diet you eat, your over-all health, and your genes. There is no evidence that losing one's virginity immediately affects the size of the breasts. That said, if you lost your virginity and got pregnant, that will affect your breasts.

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Many women experience fuller, heavier breasts before a period. Sometimes they can be quite tender and sore too.

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Some symptoms are: -swelling of hands and feet -varicose veins -constipations -heart burn -indigestion -bloating -flatulence -heavier breasts -goose bumps on the areola -slight whitish vaginal discharge -waistline expansion -chance in size of the uterus

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You may be having a multiple birth. You could also just be a heavier person. Heavier people gain weight faster during pregnancy.

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