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Stop having unprotected sex if you don't want to become pregnant. I don't know that burning in your stomach is a sign of pregnancy, but sensitive breasts are a sign. But that can also be a sign of your period coming. Wait until you are at least a day late and then take a home test. If you are still unsure, go see a doctor. If you don't have a doctor you can look up planned parenthood in the phone book, they can help you with finding a form or protection.

Burning in the stomach does not mean you are pregnant. You have diarrea. Drink some pepto bismol and it will go away.

These can be symptoms of many things including a growing uterus and acid reflux caused by an increase in the production of progesterone. Wait until you miss a period and then take a home pregnancy test.

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Q: Could burning in the stomach and abdominal pains be signs of pregnancy?
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Is abdominal pain and stomach pain be signs of pregnancy?

No. It could be sign of infection or even PMS.

Is a burning in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


What could be the cause of stomach pain in pregnancy?

If you are actually meaning your stomach, it's probably heartburn. If it's constant, it might be an ulcer, so get that checked out. If you're using the word "stomach" to mean anything in the abdominal area, it could be anything.

Could abdominal pain be a sign of pregnancy a day after intercourse?


How soon could you notice abdominal changes in early pregnancy and what would you notice?

Pregnancy releases a hormone that softens your muscles for child birth the first sign you going to notice is a soft flabby stomach, or you'll look bloated.

Is having your stomach feel hard a sign of pregnancy?

take a pregnancy test, your stomach could feel different for lots of reasons

Can you tell if you are pregnant by stomach symptoms?

no. stomach symptoms could mean lots of other things and are NOT determinant of pregnancy. get a pregnancy test.

What could cause fluttering in the lower abdominal area besides pregnancy?


What causes stomach twitching in the upper part of stomach?

It could be digestion. if it persists, it could be a parasite or pregnancy

Is an upset stomach a sign of pregnancy?

It could be or a sign of a virus.

Could hardness and slight soreness in the stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Typically the first sign of pregnancy will be a missed period.

Can you suck in a pregnant stomch at just a few weeks?

One of my friends got pregnant when she was a teen and she could suck in her stomach. I wouldn't recommend it though. Sucking in your stomach won't affect a pregnancy one way or the other. You are pulling in your abdominal muscles which are nowhere near your uterus.

If your stomach is ichy is it signs of pregnancy?

If your stomach is ichy it is signs of pregnancy This is not a sure thing and your stomach could simply be itchy from dry skin like any other part of the body. Try "Aveeno" lotion. Wait and then take a pregnancy test.

Is abdominal pain a sign of pregnancy?

not all abdominal pain is a sign of pregnancy it could be signs of some other medical reason if you are unsure you should speak with your doctor especially if you are having severe pain on a regular basis

Is a tight feeling in your stomach and sharp pains in your pelvic area as well as sensitive stomach to smells an early sign of pregnancy?

Sensitive to smells is a definite sign of pregnancy. Craps and pains could be pregnancy, but could also be your period. Take a test to be sure.

Could you be pregnant if your stomach is bloated but not hard?

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

What makes a cats stomach swell?

Take him to the vet. It could be serious. --- Or it could be pregnancy or you are overfeeding it.

Can a boy be a pregnant?

Not naturally. There was a case about a man who had an egg implanted for an abdominal pregnancy, but the birth could not be natural.

What causes stomach twitching?

could be gas due to irregular digestion or pregnancy

If you have celulight on your stomach is that a sign of pregnancy?

no, nnot normally, you could just be fat :)

If my period is late and my stomach is hard at the bottom could I be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test

If you keep feeling a sharp pain in your lower left stomach area and have sore breasts are you pregnant?

Not nessicarily. That could just be the beginnings to your period. Abdominal pain and sore breasts are normal for that. Of course, if you've missed or are lare on your period, I'd suggest seeing a doctor. However, if you are pregnant, this could be a rare pregnancy called Ectopic Pregnancy. This is when the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube and the cells attatch there instead of in the uterus. These are noticable when a home pregnancy kit announces a pregnancy but when the doctor's ultrasound shows nothing. An ectopic pregnancy has to be suspected in any woman with lower abdominal pain and/or unusual bleeding who is sexually active and whose pregnancy test is positive. These types of pregnancies can cause severe problems and can even be fatal if they're not caught earlier enough to save. An ectopic pregnancy has to be suspected in any woman with lower abdominal pain and/or unusual bleeding who is sexually active and whose pregnancy test is positive.

Could you be pregnant if you are feeling nauseous and just developed a yeast infection and are very tired and have a tingling sensation in your stomach?

The listed symptoms are certainly key signs of pregnancy, especially the fatigue and abdominal tingling sensation. You should take a home pregnancy test - if you haven't already - and even if it is negative, if you still feel pregnant you should get a pregnancy test performed by a doctor.

Ectopic pregnancys could the signs be numbness in ya arm and hand and pains on left hand side of stomach and you can feel bubbles on left hand side?

could the signs of a ectopic pregnancy be numbness in ya hand and left arm and abdominal pain on ya left hand side at the bolttom of ya stomach and bad dizzy spells and headaches

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling sick to your stomach and light headed and you have been having stomach cramps?

Yes you could be pregnant or you could have a tummy bug. Do a pregnancy test when your period is late.