Cornflour and Cornstarch

Could cornstarch make you gassy?

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Do waffles make you gassy?

Waffles -can- make you gassy, but does not always make you gassy.

How do you make slime without borax or cornstarch?

I was Wondering how to make slime without borax and cornstarch could you use baking soda??

How do you make goo without borax or glue?

you could get cornstarch i think

Can Cheerios make your stomach gassy?


Do gummy bears make you gassy?


How to make glop without cornstarch or glue?

you need cornstarch or you cant make it :( but still here are the ingridients with cornstarch but without glue ingridients 1 cup of cornstarch a small amount of water

Does pasta make you gassy?

Yes indeed it does.

How do you make slime without borax or cornstarch or glue?

how to make slime without glue or cornstarch and borax\

What could you use instead of cornstarch?


Do bananas make you fart?

They are not considered a gassy food.

Are apples gassy?

no apples are not gassy because if they were gassy no one would eat them

Is it possible for someone you like to make your stomach growl and gassy?

of course someone can like you if your stomache growls and gassy you just got to make sure you dont smell bad

Is summer squash gassy?

No, it is not gassy.

Could cornstarch be a fertilizer?

Certainly. ws

How do you make oobleck without cornstarch?

Make it with borax (:

Can cornstarch make you thick?


Can cornstarch get moldy and if you eat it will you get sick?

Some molds can make you ill. Discard the moldy cornstarch.

Can you use cornstarch in a pancake mix?

Can you use cornstarch to make pancakes if you don't have baking powder

Does chewing cornstarch make you gain calories if not swallowed?

does chewing cornstarch increase weight if not swallowed

What are some similarities and differences between the eruptions of less gassy and more gassy magma?

more gassy=explosion less gassy=ooze

What can be substituted for cornstarch?

Arrowroot could be used in place of cornstarch. It gives a clearer finish to products especially in patissierie.

Can cream replace cornstarch?

Cream is not a good replacement for cornstarch. Instead use 2 tablespoons of flour for 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Or you could use 4 teaspoons of quick cooking tapioca for 1 tablespoon of cornstarch.

Can you put cornstarch to liquid food color to make it thick?

Yes, cornstarch is used as a thicking agent.

Is earth rocky or gassy?

Rocky :)

How can you make a dog gassy and fart?

give them blueberrys! (beware it stinks!)(: