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Could cramping for two days after ovulation be sign of pregnancy?


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2015-07-15 21:13:04
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Ovulation causes cramping sometimes. Many women do not feel this sensation. I can always tell when I have ovulated or am ovulating. My doctor always asks me if I have noticed any pain before he does my sonogram to see if I am ovulating. I have been amazingly accurate. It depends on the size of your folllicular cyst which releases the egg. Some months it is quite painful and I am sore for a few days. But, it is not abnormal.


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Some women do experience mild abdominal cramping during early pregnancy. Cramping can also be caused by period, ovulation, water infection, diarrhoea etc.

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If you are having light pink dis charge 10 days after ovulation, it is usually a sign that the egg is implanting itself to the wall.

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Could result in pregnancy.

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