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If you do not understand the physiology of becoming pregnant then it would be advisable to attend some sex education instruction. Talk to your parents or a teacher.

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Q: Could i potentially be pregnant
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58 percent men sprem range beable to pregnant any womwn?

If a man has any viable sperm, he could potentially get a woman pregnant.

Is it true that Justin Bieber got that girl pregnant?

No it is not true that Justin Bieber got a girl pregnant, that could potentially ruin his career and chances in life. -_-

If your boyfriend came on you then you got it in your hands and put it in your virgina could you fall pregnant?

yes, be careful, expecially as periods in young women are more irregular...anything inserted in the vagina with semen on it could potentially cause a pregnancy

Can a women get pregnant 5 days after her period has gone away?

Potentially, yes. Ovulation CAN happen that early in a woman's cycle, thus she CAN get pregnant.

Can a Persian cat get pregnant at 6 month old?

yes a cat over about 4 months can potentially become pregnant

What happens if you hit your dog when she is pregnant?

Depending on where you hit her, you could potentially kill her and/or her puppies. If you have been hitting a dog, you need to get some help with your temper. Dogs are meant to be loved, not hit. They have feelings too.

Can a girl who has not stated her period get pregnant?

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant before beginning to menstruate. Any time a girl has sex,she can potentially get pregnant.

What are dangers to grasslands?

Dangers could potentially be fires

Is it illegal to be pregnant by a nineteen year old if you are sixteen years old?

No, it is not illegal. However, its not smart. It looks bad on both parts, for a 15 year old to be pregnant, its not good on your body, your body still isn't fully developed, and it could potentially be dangerous for the baby.

How does lubricants cause pregnancy?

It doesn't!! The only way to get pregnant is through unprotected sex. Or potentially failed contraception.

You never bleed outside your period but then you have brown bloody spotting and cramps the day after sex.Then you get your period on time is it still your period or could it be blood from pregnancy?

potentially but usually if your pregnant you dont have your period because it is saving it for the baby

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It could potentially be the subject of a sentence, if that is what you mean.